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It’s a day for running today on my blog I guess, which is kind of ironic because I didn’t actually plan it this way. Tom Petty was a soft rock musician who started out during the late 1970s, but the majority of his classic music was during the 1980s.

Tom Petty had both strong vocals and strong song writing, which led to a lot of good songs by Tom Petty such as Refugee with its powerful guitar intro, the rocking I Need To Know, the incredibly catchy Breakdown and the pop anthem American Girl.

However, one of my favorite songs by Tom Petty is the rocking, inspirational Running Down a Dream. It’s my dad’s favorite Tom Petty song, so I thought I would post it today for him. It’s a great song. The guitar and vocals are both strong, and it’s well written. Hopefully, you like this song as much as my dad and I do.