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What better way to finish up the 1980s blogging phase than with my second favorite song ever and my favorite rock and roll anthem ever, Turn Up the Radio by a little known, one hit wonder group called Autograph.

Autograph might have been a very small group, one of the smallest along with Ram Jam that I have posted about, but they dominated the music scene for a short time during the early 1980s with their music video for Turn Up the Radio. The music video for Turn Up the Radio is an MTV classic.

The song starts off with a heavy guitar and drum sound. Then the vocalist starts to sing some energetic, engaging vocals about how everybody should turn up the radio and party like it’s 1984. I don’t think there’s any other song that embodies what the 1980s were about more than this song, having a rocking good time from start to finish, classic 1980s.