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U2 was a soft rock group during the 1980s. Many people consider them to be the definitive music group of the 1980s. They had a great vocalist named Bono and deep song meanings.

U2 has made a lot of commentary on world events with spiritual imagery. They’ve also spoken out about social issues such as consumerism. Sunday Bloody Sunday was written about troubles in northern Ireland. Mothers of the Disappeared was written about mothers of children who were killed or disappeared during the Salvadoran War. Running To Stand Still was written about a heroine addiction in Dublin. Bono’s personal conflicts inspired songs such as Mofo, Tomorrow and Kite. Frequently there will be emotional pleading in songs such as Yahweh, Peace On Earth and Please. Some of U2’s tours such as Zoo TV and Popmart have been used to caricature social trends such as media overload and consumerism.U2’s songs have sometimes been accused of being apolitical due to having unclear lyrics, though.

Not only does U2 sing about issues, they also go out and correct them. They addressed disease, poverty and social injustice. U2 helped raise support for people in Ethiopia who were suffering from a famine in 1985 and made a charity song called “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” The El Salvador Civil War had a great influence on the making of the album the Joshua Tree. Their song called Sweetest Thing was used to support the Chernobyl Children’s Project.

They raised support for HIV and AIDs in Africa in 2005. During the AIDs support in Africa, Bono also made several visits to Africa. Product Red, a charity organization, was founded by Bono. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Edge helped raise money for musicians who had lost their instruments in the storm. Some people have criticized them for their actions, though, because some people think that U2 does charity work only to boost their social image and sell more albums.

U2 made the theme song for a James Bond movie called Goldeneye. They have worked with book authors and made music for other sound tracks as well. U2 made the music for the musical version of Spiderman. The Edge, the guitarist for U2, made the theme song for the first and second seasons for the animated TV show the Batman.

U2 is the fourth highest paid music group. They are the 21st highest selling band in America. Rolling Stone magazine considers Bono the thirty second best vocalist ever and the Edge the thirty eighth best guitarist ever. VH1 considers U2 the 19th best music group ever. U2 has won twenty two grammies out of thirty four nominations.

U2 made songs about more than just the fun, trivial stuff; sex, drugs and rock and roll, they also made songs about life changing events, which is probably a large part of what sets them apart from other music groups during the 1980s.