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Van Halen is a metal group from the 1980s. They replaced David Lee Roth, their lead vocalist, with Sammy Hagar in 1984. They then replaced Sammy Hagar with Gary Cherone, who they made only one album with, in the mid 1990s. They then got rid of Gary Cherone, too, shortly after making Van Halen III, and for the next fifteen years they didn’t make any new albums. They tried some touring in the mid 2000s, but Eddie Van Halen was struggling with alcoholism. Eddie Van Halen entered rehab during the mid to late 2000s. In the fall of 2010 they announced that they would be bringing David Lee Roth back to make a new album and do some touring. A little more than a year later in the spring of 2012, they released their first new studio album in more than fifteen years called A Different Kind of Truth and did some big touring. I had the pleasure of not only getting their new studio album, but also attending the first concert of their come back tour with my dad in Kentucky in the middle of February, making them a couple of my favorite memories from one of my favorite semesters of college. The only issue was that Michael Anthony was no longer in the group, but it was a big issue.

Michael Anthony had been the bass player for Van Halen since they had first started. His bass work, sometimes using his iconic Jack Daniels bass guitar, and back up vocals were a large part of what made Van Halen so great. However, while the second lead vocalist for Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, and Eddie Van Halen were having arguments in the group, Michael Anthony, who was good friends with Sammy Hagar and took Sammy Hagar’s side during the arguments, was kicked out of the group along with Sammy Hagar. They then went on to form a super group called Chickenfoot with the drummer from the Red Hot Chili Peppars, a group I have never listened to that much but one of my best friends is a big fan of theirs, and an instrumental guitar legend from the 1980s named Joe Satriani or Satch for short. Chickenfoot was a great group to listen to while I was waiting for the new promised Van Halen album and tour to happen. I got their second album when it was first released in fall of 2011. While I do like Chickenfoot a lot, I understand why some fans of Van Halen would want for Michael Anthony to still be in the group because it isn’t the same without him. Another reason Eddie Van Halen kicked Michael Anthony out of the group is because he now has his son named Wolfgang Van Halen playing the bass. While it’s nice to see the band become even closer together with three out of the four members all from the same family and the classic vocalist named David Lee Roth, the group definitely misses the classic sound of Michael Anthony.

A popular parody video on Youtube is to have Hitler from a World War 2 movie made in 2009 that I can’t remember the name of yell about something such as rock roll, politics or TV upsetting him. This time around, though, he is yelling about Van Halen replacing Michael Anthony with Wolfgang Van Halen. Poor, Hitler… I understand as a Van Halen fan why he would be so upset. Hitler might deserve being upset about music, but people who haven’t murdered millions of people probably deserve better.