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Petula Clark was a soft rock vocalist during the 1960s. She had a beautiful voice, and her music was catchy and upbeat.

Petula Clark had a successful career in parts of Europe such as France, but her music career in the United States was not doing well until a composer suggested a tune for what would go on to be one of Petula Clark’s biggest singles in the United States called Down Town. Neither Petula Clark nor the composer of Downtown knew that Downtown would be such a big hit. However, it was released in many different languages in many different countries and made it to number one on the charts in America. Petula Clark then went to make fifteen singles in a row that all made it into the top forty and won two grammies. Downtown made it into the grammy hall of fame. Petula Clark made it onto many different TV shows and music projects due to her fame.

In 1968 she sang a song with a black man named Harry Bellafonte. During the song she grabbed his arm. The Chrysler Company that sponsored the event was worried that they would incur the anger of southern bigots. Chrysler requested that another take of the song be used instead, but Petula Clark and her husband had all of the other takes destroyed and made sure that the take used was the take with Petula Clark holding the arm of Harry Bellafonte. Petula Clark’s defiant stance against racism received wide critical acclaim. Quite a stellar move.

Petula Clark made her own TV show called This Is Petula Clark from 1966 to 1968. She was the last actress to dance with Fred Astaire in a movie and starred in a remake of Goodbye, Mr. Chips. Petula Clark did a lot of singing in clubs, which frequently broke attendance records in the clubs. Petula Clark had a composer come to America to make some music with her and the composer named Michael Collombier would go on to compose the pop symphony called Wings and a number of sound tracks for American films.

Petula Clark was not only a beautiful vocalist, she was also an influential person in music history. She is still popular in both the United States and European countries such as France today, and she is one of my two favorite vocalists along with Paul Rodgers from Bad Company. I am not familiar with her newer music, but feel free to check out her newer music for yourself and maybe tell me what you think of it.