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Fleetwood Mac is a soft rock group from the 1970s with a good vocalist named Stevie Nicks.

Fleetwood Mac was originally a blues rock group in the 1960s but with some line up changes and Stevie Nicks joining the group they became more of a soft rock group that had their main stream success with such big albums as the classic Rumors in the 1970s.

Fleetwood Mac originally based their sound off three really good influences; Cream, Yardbirds and Jimi Hendrix, who were all top of their field in the heaviest 1960s rock genres, blues rock and psychedelic rock. They made their first album, which was popular in Britain but not America. They then focused more on getting an American audience as well.

Fleetwood Mac made two albums in the late 1960s that showed they were expanding their sound. Peter Green, one of the band members, had taken a lot of hallucinogenic drugs, which led to him giving most of his money away and leaving the group. He was then replaced by Christine Perfect, who was a vocalist and pianist. She was not able to join the group until the early 1970s, though, due to a contractual issue.

Jeremy Spencer controlled most of the music they made for their next album called Kiln House. However, Spencer was also suffering from mental problems due to drugs and ended up joining a religious cult called The Children of God. He left the music group, which put the music group in disarray. Having lost two important band members they tried to figure out during the early 1970s where to go next with their music.

In 1975 Fleetwood Mac recruited Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks who had just made a collaboration album together. With the engineering abilities of Buckinghman and vocal abilities of Nicks, they made their successful debut album with some of their biggest songs such as Rhiannon.

Fleetwood Mac had finally achieved main stream success, but relationships in the group such as between the McVies and between Buckingham and Nicks broke up and caused a strain on the group. Sometimes internal conflicts within the music group such as with the Mamas and Papas lead to the music group’s best, most dramatic songs, though. Fleetwood Mac’s next album was their biggest one by far called Rumors with classic songs such as Dreams, Go Your Own Way, Don’t Stop and You Make Loving Fun.

Some of the band members would then make solo albums such as Stevie Nicks with an album that had both Edge of Seventeen and a collaboration song with Tom Petty called Stop Dragging My Heart Around. Fleetwood Mac said a couple of times that if Tom Petty wanted her, she would leave Fleetwood Mac and join Tom Petty’s music group. Tom Petty had a policy that women were not allowed in his music group, though, so she didn’t actually join him.¬†Considering what a drama queen Stevie Nicks could sometimes be, not allowing her officially into the Heartbreakers was probably a good idea.

Fleetwood Mac made a couple more albums together, but they eventually went off and had their own solo careers. Stevie Nicks was the breakaway star with a couple of popular albums, but Buckingham, who was good at studio production, got the best reviews although he failed having a hit song.

After this point Fleetwood Mac sank into irrelevance with many new line up changes and compilations. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame in the 1990s. They had several reunion concerts with the classic line up, and there was speculation that the classic line up would reform. Four of the five band members did reunite in the early 2000s and released an EP with four new songs.

Fleetwood Mac was one of the definitive folk rock music groups with their hey day during the 1970s.