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Fleetwood Mac was a folk rock music group from the 1970s with a great vocalist named Stevie Nicks. During the mid 1970s, there were many internal issues in the music group, which led to their best album called Rumors with some of their most powerful, dramatic songs such as Go Your Own Way, You Make Loving Fun, Don’t Stop and Dreams. These songs would not be nearly as great without the powerful vocals of Stevie Nicks.

Rhiannon is a not a song from their greatest album called Rumors, but it is a good song from their previous album. The vocals are great and this song is very catchy. It shows the early quality of Fleetwood Mac when they were on their way to the top, kind of like El Loco by ZZ Top. They had not made their big break quite yet, but you could tell that they were on their way there.