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Boston was a hard rock group from the 1970s. they were one of several popular AOR groups from the 1970s. Boston had a good vocalist named Brad Delp and a good guitarist named Tom Scholz. Their first album was one of the highest selling debut albums of all time along with Appetite For Destruction by Guns and Roses. Their first album is considered a classic. Every single song from the album is still played on classic rock radio and it might be the only album in rock and roll history to still have every song still remain popular today. However, after Boston made their first album and became one of the biggest bands around right at the start of their career, it took a long time for them to make each of their subsequent albums. Also, their music declined with each album they made after their first one. By the time they made their third album, their sound had become very murky and unappealing.

Boston’s first album made it to number three on the charts when it was released and it has sold seventeen million copies world wide. Tom Scholz originally made live music with Brad Delp in a band, but he was unsatisfied with the sound, so he made demos in his basement with Brad Delp. Tom Scholz wanted to have the music released on an album, but Epic, the recording company he worked for, refused because they wanted him to make his music professionally in one of their studios. Tom Scholz’ manager had some of the band members make music in the studio as a diversion while Tom Scholz made the rest of his music at home like he had wanted to. Tom Scholz then had his music converted to a professional format, Brad Delp recorded his vocals in the studio and they mixed their music together.

Boston’s first album was a big success with three singles that all made it into the top forty. It reached platinum status in just three months, and was ranked the 280th best album out of the top 500 best rock and metal albums of all time in Rock Hard Magazine. Tom Scholz had the album remastered in 2006 for CD. It was well received by critics. A small number of CDs were released in Canada before they were pulled off the shelf again with live versions of Long Time and Smoking because they were made by Sony and not the way that Tom Scholz had personally wanted to have them remastered.

Now for a song analysis. More Than a Feeling starts off with a great guitar intro. Brad Delp gives some strong, clear vocals, and the guitar is really rocking. Sometimes the vocals soar and the guitar really takes off, which causes an electrifying effect. The song conveys an incredible feeling of nostalgia that is simply irresistible. It’s a song about times that somebody used to have but now “they have slipped away” like a memory.

More Than a Feeling is kind of melancholy and internal, but Peace of Mind is more encouraging and out there. It has a good energy and is bound to cheer you up if you are feeling down. The song is about how somebody does not want to be part of the rat race that chases after their dreams. All they want is “peace of mind” which is very emotionally and spiritually uplifting.

Foreplay/Long Time starts off with one of the best guitar intros that I have ever heard and lasts for ironically around two a half minutes.It builds up to a powerful apex. Then the Long Time part of the songs starts with some thundering, shrill guitar. Brad Delp’s vocals are somewhat restrained but still great. The chorus is great to sing along to at the top of your lungs. The song is about how it has been a long time since something has occurred. I have heard this song could be like Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd with its meaning about death and how it is “just outside of your front door”. The guitar solo is terrific. Even though this song could be about leaving this world for the after life, it’s actually very upbeat instead of depressing.

Rock and Roll Band is one of the best rock and roll anthems ever. It tells the story about how Boston has started out as a band such as “sleeping in their cars” and “not having much money”. It is an inspirational and exciting song. The guitar solo is harmonious like the rest of the guitar work on Boston’s first album. Tom Scholz had a good idea with recording in his basement.

Smoking is a trippy song about drugs and smoking pot, your typical 1970s stoner song, with some groovy, swinging guitar. The song is so upbeat and fun, though, that it makes you forget the harmful subject matter. Also, if you are a druggy, then this would be a great song to get high to. There is some great synthesizer work that sounds like an organ added into the guitar solo, which makes you feel like you are chasing your spirit animal to Burger King.

Hitch a Ride is another out of this world, far out kind of song. The vocals and guitar work are great, but what really wins this song is one of the best guitar solos on the entire album, which is simply breath taking. Actually, this song has not one but two great guitar solos in the song, which makes this song one of the best songs on the album with Tom Scholz’s guitar work at top form. Brad Delp’s vocals are somewhat sparse and there are not a lot of lyrics due to how much this song relies on guitar work alone to win it over.

Something About You starts out with with a murky, low key, spaced out feeling that would be heard more frequently on Boston’s later albums. Once the vocals start this song really picks up, though. Unlike the previous song, there is a strong reliance on vocals over guitar. It is one of the softest, most romantic songs on the album. The guitar solo is harmonious but subdued and short and sounds more like rhythm guitar. I could see this song being played at 1970s homecomings and proms in high school.

Let Me Take You Home Tonight is the most blatantly suggestive song on the album. Brad Delp sings that he wants to take a woman home with him and basically get it on, but he also sings that it is all right because he doesn’t want to damn the woman or make her feel bad, he just wants to make her feel high or good. The chorus is sung repetitively and enthusiastically at the end.

Boston’s first album with rock anthems, suggestive songs and trippy songs is truly about sex, drugs and rock and roll. With its upbeat, fun loving sound, it will definitely entertain and it is a classic album.