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Boston was a 1970s hard rock group. They had a great first album with some classic songs such as More Than a Feeling, Peace of Mind and Long Time. However, every song on the album is still played frequently on the radio today, and it might be the only album ever with all of its songs still being popular.

After their first album, Boston quickly declined into mediocrity and obscurity. It took them a long time to make each of their subsequent albums, none of them was as good as their original, which was Boston at their peak, and none of Boston’s newer albums sold nearly as well as their original album did, which was one of the highest selling debut albums of all time along with Appetite For Destruction by Guns and Roses.

Foreplay/Long Time is one of the best songs from Boston’s classic first album. It starts out with a great guitar intro that lasts for two and a half minutes, which eventually reaches a powerful apex, truly earning it its double entendre of a title. Then the Long Time part of the song kicks in with great vocals from Brad Delp, the vocalist for Boston, and great guitar work from Tom Scholz, the guitarist for Boston. There are not a lot of songs out there that are longer than seven minutes and keep me entertained the whole time. Don’t even get me started on Peter Frampton’s biggest hit… However, Long Time despite being seven minutes long manages to maintain my interest from start to finish, truly a classic rock song.