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Blackfoot was a 1970s southern rock group with the distinction of being the first ever rock and roll group with all of their members being from native America, specifically Blackfoot, thus the name, ancestry. Blackfoot is not a very well known group. They did not receive a lot of publicity due to being all native Americans during the 1970s.

However, Blackfoot does have some good things going for it. Aside from being the first rock and roll group with all native Americans in it, they were also known as the hardest rocking southern rock group for their time and also putting on the best concerts out of any southern rock group for their time.

I’m posting a live video for the song of their biggest hit called Train, Train, so that you can see how great they were on stage. Hopefully, you are as impressed as I was by them. I would consider Blackfoot my favorite southern rock group, even more than Lynyrd Skynyrd, who will be having a concert at Ribfest in my area a week and a half from now. I’m not really a southern rock fan. It’s never been a big rock genre on my radar, but Blackfoot I have to admit is one heavy hitting, hard rocking group.

Blackfoot made one of their most successful albums called Strikes in the mid 1970s with a really cool looking album cover of a cobra on the front. They also made some other albums with great pictures of an eagle and I think a weasel., truly artistic album covers. Strikes has on it a great ballad called Highway Song and a great rocker with a nice harmonica intro to it called Train Train.

Combining strong guitar work with blisteringly good harmonica makes Train Train my favorite song by them. They had a strong stage presence as you can see with the leader of the group who wears what looks like a blue Yankee soldier’s coat and big, black hat. His guitar playing is impressive and he has quite an attitude from what I can tell. Cool stuff…

By the way Blackfoot does not have the harmonica accompaniment with this live song. If you want to hear the harmonica intro and accompaniment as well, then you will have to listen to the studio version of this song that I will also post.