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Journey is a soft rock group/AOR group from the 1970s. I am not a big fan of Journey’s general sound and most of their songs. They’re a little too poppy for my tastes. Also, they have some inane lyrics like a minute and a half of nothing sang but “na, na, na” at the end of their song called Loving, Touching, Squeezing, which really turns me off of the group.

However, some songs like Don’t Stop Believing by Journey might be cheesy, but they’re just so irresistably upbeat and inspirational that even I, who prefer my music not to be flash in the pan, find this song great to listen to. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey is the number one most bought song on I-tunes, and I must say that I am neither surprised nor bothered by a pop song such as this making it to the top. Don’t Stop Believing by Journey deserves its kudos, even if it was made by a group that I generally like to avoid.