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Foreigner was a 1970s hard rock/AOR group. They made a good transition to the 1980s and had four successful albums in a row at the beginning of their career. Foreigner’s early music was definitely the best because it was the most rocking and consistent. Later on they would move to more pop, synthy music, which I don’t like nearly as much.

Double Vision is one of the hit songs from Foreigner’s second album when they managed to avoid the sophomore slump that most music groups have, which is a weak second album. Double Vision is one of the best, down to earth rockers Foreigner has ever made. It has good guitar and is well grounded. It never seems to get old no matter how many times i listen to it, unlike some of Foreigner’s other songs that are good, too, but don’t have nearly as good longevity such as Hot Blooded and Juke Box Hero.