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Foreigner was a hard rock group from the 1970s with a vocalist named Lou Gramm and a guitarist named Mick Jones, one of the many Micks in the classic rock music business along with Jagger, Mars and Ralphs, all great rock artists. They had a great rock anthem called Juke Box Hero and great romantic song called Hot Blooded. They were also known for their rockers such as Double Vision, Head Games, Feels Like the First Time and Soul Doctor. Sometimes they had other instruments added in such as saxophone with Urgent and synthesizer with Long Way From Home.

Foreigner was one of the AOR bands from the 1970s along with REO Speedwagon, Styx and Journey that made the best transition to the music style of the 1980s. Foreigner’s first album was self titled and had three big songs; Feels Like the First Time, Cold As Ice and Long Way From Home, that made it very successful. They then made their second album, which was even better than their first album and avoided their sophomore slump. Most music groups have a weak second album called a sophomore slump, but Foreigner had two big songs come from their second album, Double Vision and Hot Blooded, that made it another successful album. They made their third album called Head Games, which was their most straight ahead musically but failed to break any new ground. They sought to break ground on their fourth album.

Foreigner cut back on their band members until they had only four band members and recruited Mutt Lange, who had worked with AC/DC and would go on to work with Def Leppard, to help them make their most successful album called 4 with great songs such as Urgent and Juke Box Hero. However, this was the first album by Foreigner when Foreigner started selling out and moved from hard rock songs to ballads such as their pop sell out ballad on 4 called Waiting For a Girl Like You, a popular song but I don’t like it. Since Mutt Lange was the producer and he moved Def Leppard in a much more pop direction with albums like the rather weak Adrenalized, he might have been to blame for also moving Foreigner to ballads. After 4, Foreigner’s classic run with their first four great albums was over. At least they lasted much longer than Boston, though, with only one arguable two good albums.

Foreigner made their next album, Agent Provocateur, an album that almost got me in trouble with the collection agency because I got it from the library and lost it, but sales for Agent Provocateur were much lower than previous albums. This could be due to two different reasons. Either it was because Foreigner spent a long gap for the time of three years making the new album or it was because this album was very unfocused. Even though Agent Provocateur had lower sales, Foreigner put on a mammoth, nine month long tour to support it. They then went their own separate ways for a while and worked on solo projects. Mick Jones had the privilege of co producing Van Halen’s first album with Sammy Hagar called 5150.

Lou Gramm had his own solo career and Mick Jones tried to keep Foreigner going with a new lead vocalist but neither of them was very successful during this phase of theirs during the 1990s, so they ended up reuniting. Foreigner was back together as a group, and Lou Gramm developed a cancer but was able to over come it. They made several compilations and reissued albums during the early 2000s such as my favorite album by them, a very well put together compilation called The Complete Greatest Hits.