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Styx was a soft rock group from the 1970s with some hit songs such as Renegade, Blue Collar Man and Too Much Time On My Hands.

Styx was originally a progressive rock group, but they went on to become a big AOR group instead. Their band was named after a river called the Styx that runs through the land of the dead called Hades. Styx made several albums that were progressive rock but did not become popular until Lady made it big as a single. Styx then changed record labels and got a new band member named Tommy Shaw who helped them to have some successful albums during the late 1970s with great singles such as Renegade, Blue Collar Man and Fooling Yourself.

The success of Babe caused Shaw and Deyoung, the writer of Babe, to have an argument, which led to Deyoung temporarily being kicked out of the group. Deyoung had wanted to move Styx in a more experimental, pop direction while the rest of the band wanted to focus on hard rock. Deyoung returned to the group shortly later, and they had a successful experimental album called Paradise Theater with successful singles such as the Best of Times, which convinced the music group to keep Deyoung in the music group and move in a more experimental direction. Their next album was called Kilroy Was Here, which was also successful and experimental but led to the break up of the group because the tour focused more scripts and movies than it did on music.

Styx made a forgettable live album called Caught In the Act and then went their separate ways. Deyoung played the part of Pontius Pilate in a remake for Jesus Christ Superstar. Styx made a compilation and remake of Lady called Lady ’95. which led to them reuniting. Their drummer died, which depressed the group, but they had him replaced. They were introduced to a new generation of fans with songs in TV shows like Come Sail Away With Me in Freaks and Geeks, which made me dislike the song because it always reminds me of that one awkward prom scene.

The lead vocalist for Styx named Shaw developed a disease that kept him from playing with the group, so he set out on his own solo career. Styx had their lead vocalist replaced and made some compilations and a cover album in the early 2000s.