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The Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame inducts several music groups into their hall of fame every year. There are some groups that have not made it into the hall of fame, though, that I think should be in there.

10. Bon Jovi: His first three albums were all good. His first album had the big hit called Runaway, some great rockers and one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs that is often over looked called Get Ready. His second album in my opinion is pretty much flawless with great rockers like Tokyo Road and Secret Dreams and one of my favorite power ballads ever called Silent Night. His third album has a great rock anthem called Let It Rock and his three most popular songs; You Give Love a Bad Name, Living On a Prayer and Wanted Dead or Alive. Bon Jovi’s later career was pretty bad, but his first three albums had mostly really good music on them.

9. LA Guns: They had a great guitarist named Traci Gunns. LA Guns partly led to the classic line up for Guns and Roses with Axl Rose and Traci Gunns playing in the same group. LA Guns’ first three albums were all great. LA Guns’ first album was a really rocking album, LA Guns’ second album was their best one because it had the most variety and their third album had some great songs, too. LA Guns’ later career was not very good, but they had a great guitarist and three really good albums.

8. Bad Company: Quite frankly the only reason I like Bad Company is because of Paul Rodgers’ great vocals. Paul Rodgers needs to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for something because it would be a crime if this vocalist was over looked. If he isn’t inducted with Bad Company, he should at least be inducted with Free, which I am not as familiar with but also had his great vocals, or maybe the Firm, which didn’t make a lot of albums but also had Jimmy Paige on guitar, who is considered one of the best guitarists ever. If Jimmy Paige thought that Paul Rodgers was worth working with in a music group, then Paul Rodgers must be a good vocalist because before Paul Rodgers Jimmy Paige had worked in Led Zeppelin with Robert Plant, who many people consider one of the best vocalists of all time.

7. Chicago: Chicago had decent vocals, song writing and guitar, but what I think really makes them great was their wide amount of instrumentation. They had so many different sounds with their saxophone, trumpet, piano and guitar sounds, but they did well at all of these different sounds. Most people who know about Chicago will say that they are upbeat and good for the soul. Chicago has sold the second highest number of albums for an American band behind the Beach Boys. Due to their instrumentation, sound and popularity, I’d say they have to get into the rock and roll music hall of fame, while trying to remain unbiased because they are regional to my area.

6. Living Colour: Living Colour has only become eligible for the Rock and Roll of Fame recently since they made their first album in the late 1980s, so the Rock and Roll of Fame might induct them soon anyway, but I’d still like to give my personal reasons for why they should get into the hall of fame. First off they have one of the best African American guitarists ever named Vernon Reid, who played one of the best guitar solos I have ever heard for Living Colour’s hit song called Cult of Personality. They were the only African American heavy metal group that I know about during the 1980s. They also had strong song meanings that pushed for reform in their music. They had some powerful music videos as well that show cased Vernon Reid’s brilliant guitar abilities and shoved into your face what they were fighting for.

5. Petula Clark: I was actually really surprised to realize that Petula Clark despite being a popular music artist during the 1960s has not been inducted into the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame yet. Petula Clark had beautiful vocals that succeeded in being up beat, catchy and meaningful. She seemed like a wonderful person who stood up for African Americans’ rights. She was also an actor in movies like a remake for the classic movie called Good Bye Mr. Chips and the last person to dance with Fred Astaire in a movie. She was beautiful in her prime and she seems like a nice person.

4. Motley Crue: They had some of the best glam metal albums during the 1980s. Every single album they made during the 1980s was popular and well received by critics. They had a dip in quality during the 1990s but during the early 2000s they have made a couple more good albums. They rock hard, but their music can get stuck in your head. Also, they lived the rock and roll life style with sex, drugs, rock and roll and getting thrown into prison more than most other rock and roll music groups ever have. Their concerts were ridiculous with fireworks, skantily clad women, motorcycles, fans going crazy and Tommy Lee playing drums on an upside down roller coaster.

3. Def Leppard: They had a consistently good career. They had two of the biggest albums during the 1980s with the back to back glam metal classics Pyromania and Hysteria, and they had a good career during the 1990s while most other 1980s metal groups suffered, due to the move towards grunge instead as the popular genre of music, and have made good albums into the 2000s. They are an upbeat, fun, people friendly group with a drummer who lost an arm but continued on with the group with a special drum kit. The fact that Def Leppard had a special drum kit built for their drummer shows that they are a music group who sticks together and also is inspirational to anybody out there with a disability who still wants to be a rock star.

2. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: She’s considered the queen of rock and roll and was nominated twice to get into the rock and roll music hall of fame but did not make it in either time. Joan Jett started out with the Runaways, which were the first all female hard rock group. She went through hell with an abusive manager named Kim Fowley and the drama of having Cherrie Currie for their lead vocalist. When the Runaways disbanded after making five albums, she went on to form her own music group called the Blackhearts. It took her trying out at twenty three different music studios to finally get somebody to accept her, but she stuck it out and made some great punk rock albums. Songs such as I Love Rock and Roll show that she was the most rocking woman around with a heart for rock and roll, and songs like Bad Reputation show that despite what other people thought of her she stuck true to herself and triumphed. She would influence many newer female music groups and artists.

1. Ozzy Osbourne: Ozzy Osbourne was the lead vocalist for Black Sabbath and is considered the god father of heavy metal. He went through some pretty tough times with his career like Joan Jett, but he always managed to push on and succeed. He was fired from Black Sabbath for being addicted to drugs, but he then found Randy Rhoades and had his own music career, which I actually like more. Randy Rhoades died, after making two albums with Ozzy Osbourne, in a plane crash, but Ozzy Osbourne then had a second guitarist named Jake E. Lee, who made two more albums with him. He then had a third guitarist named Zakk Wylde. Ozzy Osbourne was great at singing with unique vocals, song writing and picking really good guitarists. Ozzy Osbourne is already in the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame with Black Sabbath, but his solo career needs to get in as well for the sake of the three great guitarists who worked with him.

Randy Rhoades was considered one of the best guitarists around during the early 1980s and if he doesn’t get in with Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career, what else will he get in for? Making two albums that were almost exclusively released in Japan, neither of which was considered that good by critics, with Quiet Riot? I don’t think so… Sorry, Quiet Riot. Jake E. Lee is kind of under rated and over looked, but he was also great when he made two albums with Ozzy Osbourne and a couple of albums with the band he started called the Badlands, another music group that I don’t think will get into the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame. Zakk Wylde I think is the best relevant guitarist we have had in the last ten years and is one of the best guitar shredders. The music group he was with outside of Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career, Black Label Society, unlike the other two guitarists, was actually a pretty popular, rocking group.

Here’s my top ten. I’m sure somebody who reads this blog will be able to name some other music groups that both I and the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame have missed but please keep in mind that this top ten is based on my personal preferences.