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Ram Jam was a one hit wonder group from the 1970s that made one hit song called Black Betty. However, there were some other good songs from the same album.

One of the songs from the album called Too Bad On Your Birthday would later be covered by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. They also made one of my favorite rock and roll anthems, which was a cover of a song originally done by Tuff Darts and would later also be covered by Kiss, which was probably the first music group to make it popular because neither Tuff Darts nor Ram Jam ever had much of a fan following.

All For the Love of Rock and Roll is a great rock anthem not because it is exciting or flashy. It’s probably one of the most down to earth, genuine rock and roll anthems I have ever heard. However, few other rock and roll anthems convey just as well what rock and roll is all about. With lines such as “I don’t care about the money/I haven’t seen none/And I don’t care about the women/Because I just need one”, All For the Love of Rock and Roll makes it apparent that even though Ram Jam would never make it big they didn’t care too much just as long as they were doing what they truly enjoyed with making music.