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Ram Jam was a hard rock group during the late 1970s. They have a couple of distinctions. First off they had a one hit wonder song called Black Betty that was controversial because a couple of organizations thought it was racist, but it still made it to number eighteen on the charts. Ram Jam is also my favorite one hit wonder group.

Third and finally they made a song called It’s Too Bad On Your Birthday, which would be the last song on their first album that not many people would pay attention to until it was surprisingly covered later on by a much more popular music group called Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

The song itself is kind of average. It’s a mid tempo song with some average guitar, vocals and song writing. It’s got an outro that sings happy birthday to you in a mocking sort of way, which is probably the most memorable part of the whole song.

It kind of makes you wonder why Joan Jett, who had many different influences decided to cover an average song by Ram Jam that wasn’t Black Betty, on one of her classic albums from the 1980s. Could there be a story or meaning behind the cover of this song? That kind of thing is up to speculation.