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Welcome to hell! I mean… Welcome to the beginning of my 2000s blog phase! I decided to start my 2000s blog phase with a bang or should I say start it with a click click boom. “snare drum…” Saliva was a hard rock group during the 2000s. They actually started out in the mid 1990s, but didn’t make it big until the early 2000s with Every Six Seconds.

They made a couple more albums I really like such as Back Into Your System, the album critics such as Allmusic.com consider to be Saliva’s best one, and the hardest rocking album by Saliva called Survival of the Sickest. During the late 2000s Saliva would start to mellow out with albums like Under Your Skin, and Josey Scott moved in a more spiritual, reflective direction with his music for Saliva.

In the fall of 2011, Josey Scott, the original lead vocalist for Saliva who used to sing songs such F*** All Y’All, ironically left the music group to pursue a solo career in Christian music. I guess he will now be making songs like Repent All Y’All. “another snare drum” Josey Scott was replaced by Bobby Amaru, and Saliva returned to a more hard rock sound again after moving towards adult contemporary.

Saliva then went on to make their new album called In It To Win It with a high octane, explosive single called In It To Win It. The new album should be coming out some time this summer, and I’m eagerly looking forward to getting it as soon as it comes out.

One of the biggest hits on one of their most popular albums called Every Six Seconds was called Click Click Boom. Click Click Boom has been used many times as a theme song in wrestling and Nascar driving. It’s a great hard rock song from one of my favorite music groups of the 2000s. It’s also featured in one of my favorite, fan made music videos on Youtube that combines Click Click Boom by Saliva with one of my favorite anime characters, basically an animated cross between Dirty Harry Callahan and Uma Thurman from Kill Bill, named Jo Carpenter. Rock on and come back tomorrow for another exciting blog from the 2000s, my generation of music. llmll ^_^ llmll