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Kiss was a 1970s glam metal group. They were just as well known for their make up and stage antics as they were for their music. They were kind of like Alice Cooper in that they had flashy stage shows and were influential for metal and hard rock during the 1970s, but unlike Alice Cooper they actually had more than one good song.

Kiss had many great songs about rock and roll and romance such as the great sing along song called Shout It Out Loud, a song with a great bass riff called I Was Made For Loving You, the sleazy Calling Dr. Love, the serious ballad about somebody who drives to a Kiss concert and dies on the way called Detroit Rock City, a song about a confident woman called Strutter, a heavy rock anthem called I Love It Loud and of course their classic rock and roll anthem called Rock and Roll All Night.

I was going to post Rock and Roll All Night by Kiss since that is their most popular song. However, I decided to opt for a lesser known song that I like just as much called Lick It Up from their later career. Lick It Up has some energetic vocals and driving guitar that makes it a fun song to listen to. The chorus is excellent. I would explain what the song is about and what is being licked up, but I think somebody might censor me if I did it. Let’s just say something is getting seriously licked and leave it at that.

Sometimes I don’t like dirty songs like Dirty Luv by LA Guns or Piece of Your Action by Motley Crue with lines such as “tight action/rear traction”, but sometimes a song is so upbeat and enthusiastic sounding that despite the dirty subject matter I still can’t help but love the song for what it is, glam metal at its sexiest and sleaziest.