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Saliva is a hard rock group from Memphis Tennessee. They started out in the mid 1990s while grunge was still big and made an angsty album that is often over looked now a days. They then moved to a more main stream hard rock sound and had their first big break with Every Six Seconds. They made several more albums over the next ten years. Josey Scott left the music group in fall of 2011 to pursue a solo career in Christian music and was replaced with a vocalist named Bobby Amaru.

Saliva started out in a competition called the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Grammy Showcase in the mid 1990s. They made their first album in the mid 1990s and sold ten thousand copies in their region, which prompted Island Records to take notice of them. Saliva made their first album called Every Six Seconds for Island Records in 2001, which was their first break into the mainstream and had a couple of popular singles called Your Disease and Click Click Boom.

Saliva made another album called Back Into Your System in 2003 with the popular single called Always. Josey Scott got in trouble for saying some bad things about the Dixie Chicks, but Saliva managed to open for Aerosmith and Kiss. After making Survival of the Sickest in 2004, Saliva’s guitarist named D’Abaldo left the group and was replaced by Jonathan Montoya.

Saliva then made Blood Stained Love Story in 2007 with singles called Ladies and Gentlemen and King of the Stereo. Saliva did some touring during the late 2000s, made a new studio album called Cinco Diablo in 2008 and made a compilation album in 2010. They also made a DVD that showed the behind the scenes work on Cinco Diablo.

Saliva made their seventh album in 2011 with a single called Bad Ass. During this time Jonathan Montoya left the group and Saliva became a four member band. Josey Scott left the music group in fall of 2011 to pursue a solo career in Christian music. Josey Scott was replaced with Bobby Amaru, and Saliva has been making their new album called In It To Win It, which should be released this summer.

In 2003 Josey Scott helped make a song with Chad Kroeger from Nickelback called Hero, which was for the Spiderman sound track. I think it’s an interesting collaboration and one of the few good songs that Chad Kroeger has made.