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Moby is an electronic artist from the 1990s. In 2008 he made my favorite album by him called Last Night.

Last Night featured singles such as the fuzzy Alice, euphoric Disco Lies, soft I Love To Move In Here and energetic, catchy Ooh, Yeah. This album was more dance oriented than some of his previous albums had been due to all of the DJ’ing he was doing during that time. Last Night was basically an entire night Moby had in New York City condensed into sixty five minutes. The album had many guest vocalists such as Grandmaster Caz. There was a remixed version of the album made in the fall of 2008.

Last Night sold only two hundred thousand copies world wide during its first month and it quickly disappeared off the charts. Not only does it have the same nocturnal, eclectic sound that 7800 Fahrenheit has by Bon Jovi, it is also one of the artist’s most over looked albums and one of my favorite albums by them. The label Moby worked for in the United States went out of business, so one reason that sales were so low for Last Night was that is was only being sold by the label Moby worked for in Britain.

Now for a quick song analysis.

Ooh, Yeah opens up with the chorus being repeated a couple dozen times. However, unlike with Loving, Touching and Squeezing by Journey it is not annoying. The electronics have a very interesting effect. There is also a woman with a pretty voice singing vocals for the song, one of many guest stars on the album. Ooh, Yeah is more than five minutes long, but it maintains my interest from start to finish. It is a great dance song.

The opening for I Love To Move In Here is a drum and piano with a few electronics in the background. It’s very energetic and stimulating despite having another set of soft vocals from a woman. Then Grand Master Caz, a professional rapper, starts to sing some vocals and the song really swings. The interplay between the two vocalists is great.

One of the more straight ahead, rocking songs on the album called .257 Zero really starts with some great electronics. The vocals are muffled, and it sounds like the count down for a rocket take off.

Everyday It’s 1989 has a great beat. A symbol is being prominently played, some piano is played and another female vocalist is featured. It is yet another energetic dance song. It has a great song message about keeping the 1980s alive. I love the 1980s, so i think this song message is great.

Live For tomorrow is a soaring song with some incredible electronics and beautiful vocals. It is a soothing, entertaining and nostalgic song. The solo for this song will cause your jaw to drop. It is one of the best instrumental pieces I have heard… ever. It’s incredible.

Alice is a harder edged song and starts with some whirring, fuzzy, distorted electronics and Moby rapping some vocals. It is a very trippy song. Alice has clearly been chasing the white rabbit again. References…

Hyenas is a strange song. It has some ominous sounds at the beginning of the song. The female vocalist is more talking than singing for this song. The electronics are very prominent and almost completely over whelm the low key vocals.

I’m In Love is a dramatic, heart felt, romance song. The chorus is sung frequently like it was with Ooh, Yeah. It’s an energetic, upbeat dance song with a great beat. The lyrics are “I try to understand/But I don’t think I understand anymore.”, which shows that the vocalist is disillusioned.

The beginning of Disco Lies with its soulful, rhythm and blues chant is kind of silly, but Disco Lies is my favorite song on the album and one of my twenty favorite songs ever. It is fast paced with a great beat, vocals, lyrics and electronic instrumentation.

The Stars is an encouraging song with back up vocals from a large group of people who were maybe the audience at one of Moby’s concerts. The song is about how we should all think of ourselves as winners or stars. The chorus is great, and it is a very upbeat, energetic song.

Degenerates is a dark, murky, nocturnal song with some heavy keyboards. It is an abrupt switch from the previous songs and is the first of four songs at the end of the album that is very serious and downbeat yet effective.

Sweet Apocalypse is a very electronic, ambient song with some keyboards, a quick drum beat and a very spaced out sound. It sounds like an acid trip song. The title is very dark, but there are no vocals. It is an entirely instrumental song.

Mother of the Night is a nicer song that the previous two songs. I do believe that this song was used for the background music for a movie in a film festival called Highbridge at my college spring of 2012. It has a very pretty sound.

Last Night is the last song on the album, which is fitting due to the title. It is by far the longest song on the album at nine and a half minutes while most of the other songs on this album are from three to four minutes long. The first half of the song has a woman signing about how she thinks it will be her last night on earth. Halfway through Last Night the song makes a very interesting transition to an abruptly different atmosphere. It’s almost like there is two different songs because there is a very clear break between the two halves.

The song stops and you might think it is over, but then it starts again slowly with some faint, relaxing, heart warming rain and piano. This part of the song really gets to me with how melancholy it is. At the end of the party during the first thirteen songs of the album the party on the album finally comes to a close with Last Night.

Last Night is one of my favorite albums, but it is a very under rated album. It starts out with dance rock and works its way into instrumentals. Most of the songs on the album are pretty good and can be listened to separately from each other. however, due to the fact that it chronicles a night in New York City and is very much a theme album I would definitely suggest listening to this album from beginning to end in chronological order the way Moby intended it to be listened to. My album rating would be a four of five for this album. My rating for the cover picture of this album would also be a four out of five for having an attractive blonde woman with short hair on the front of the cover looking over her shoulder at you behind her.