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There is very little information that I can find on Abe Parker, since he is not mentioned in any of my usual sources online. I will have to give my knowledge of Abe Parker based on my personal experiences with him. This blog will probably be just as much about me as it is about him with that in mind.

Abe Parker is a soft rock/pop music artist who has been playing since he was in junior high, but started gaining a considerable fan following when he was an upperclassman in college. I first met him his last year at our college. We were on the same dorm hall together. I was a sophomore and had just come back from being at Indiana Wesleyan University for one semester. We did some tray sledding together. Abe had taken some trays from the cafeteria and we sledded on them down a hill. We started getting together a lot that semester, and it led to me getting all of his CDs and going to all of his concerts. I was even in a music video he made during one of his concerts, and I was at the front of the crowd.

Abe graduated end of that year, and I was suspended from college for one semester. It wasn’t until almost a year later that he came back to our college again to have a concert and I got his new album called Ninety Percent of Reality. It was one of the high lights during my second favorite semester spring of 2012. We would continue to get together over the next year whenever Abe came back to visit our college. I interviewed him for a concert he was having for an audio project I was doing for a class.

Abe Parker started out with a music group called Rookie during his junior high and high school years. His music with Rookie had a very garage band feel. His first album didn’t even have a title to my knowledge. However, his second album called Into the Wind, my favorite album by him, greatly improved on the first album. It had some great rockers such as Kick the Clutch and Aliens. It also had a song that almost made the cut for my top ten favorite rock and roll anthems list called Twelve String Guitar, which is pretty impressive considering his song was going up against songs by seasoned professionals.

Abe Parker is new to the professional world, but I see him quickly rising through the ranks with appearances on TV shows and touring all over the country. I think he’s going to make it big some day, and I’m not just saying that because he’s a good friend of mine. I seriously think that he has what it takes to go far. I’ve been pushing for him to move to a heavier or bluesier sound for years, but even though his pop music is sometimes not to my tastes I can still say that it is very well made music. The guitar, vocals and song writing are all great.

The couple of albums he made at Asbury, particularly his third album and his first one as a solo performer that I don’t think has a title either, shows the influence Asbury had on Abe Parker’s music, and I don’t think it all had a good effect on his music. Abe’s third album I think is the weakest of the four because I think it is watered down and pandering, something that our college would want him to make. Our college had actually offered a deal to Abe Parker to perform for them on their parole as a promoter. However, I think that Abe made a wise choice of turning the offer down. Without our college’s influence on him Abe Parker has more personal freedom with his music. You can check his current status by looking him up on Facebook. Rock on, Abe. llmll ^_^