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10. All For the Love of Rock and Roll by Ram Jam: Ram Jam was a hard rock group from the 1970s. All For the Love of Rock and Roll by Ram Jam is never played on the radio and many people might not even know this song exists. However, I think this down to earth rock and roll anthem is one the best songs to convey what rock and roll is really about. With lines like “I don’t care about the money/Because I don’t have none/And I don’t care about the women/Because I just need one”, All For the Love of Rock and Roll shows that even though Ram Jam might not ever become popular or successful, they were O.K. with being under dogs or should I say “under rams” as long as they could play rock and roll the way they wanted it to be played.

9. Rock and Roll Revolution by Saliva: Saliva is a hard rock group from the early 2000s. Rock and Roll Revolution is my favorite rock and roll anthem of the last ten years. it is featured on their studio album called Survival of the Sickest, which is one of my favorite albums by them and probably their heaviest album. Rock and Roll Revolution is about a longing for the good classic rock from the 1970s and 1980s with lines making reference to the masters of old. It is also screams for reform in the music business with controversial lines like “You music business whores are all about just getting paid.” Rock and Roll Revolution is a controversial, hard rocking rock and roll anthem from a music group that is trying to hold down the fort while most of the other music theses days is just hip hop or rap.

8. Let It Rock by Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi was a 1980s glam metal group. Bon Jovi made three good albums before Bon Jovi became successful and decided to change his music to something that I didn’t like as much. His third album called Slippery When Wet, which many people consider to be his best and most popular album, had his three biggest singles all on the same album; You Give Love a Bad Name, Wanted Dead or Alive and Living On a Prayer. However, the first song on the album was the perfect song for a 1980s glam metal music group to make, a rock and roll anthem called Let It Rock. It opens with a great minute and a half long synthesizer intro and then launches into the song with the lyrics such as “It’s all right if you want to have a good time/If you want to cross that line/Break on through to the other side.” Let It Rock by Bon Jovi is one of the best songs to embody what the 1980s were all about, but it was over looked by most people due to the three singles on the album that all more popular than it was.

7. Rock and Roll Rebel by Ozzy Osbourne: Ozzy Osbourne used to be the lead vocalist for Black Sabbath, but he was fired from the group for being addicted to drugs. He then had his own solo music career with a guitarist named Randy Rhoades during the early 1980s and they made two albums together before Randy Rhoades died in a plane crash. Randy Rhoades was then replaced with the often over looked Jake E. Lee who made two more albums with Ozzy Osbourne, both of which I love. The first album Jake E. Lee made with Ozzy Osbourne called Bark At the Moon had the rock and roll anthem on it called Rock and Roll Rebel. Rock and Roll Rebel is quite a rocker about how Ozzy Osbourne is rebelling against authority and fighting for rock and roll. It’s a great song for kids and people who are young at heart to rock out to.

6. Juke Box Hero by Foreigner: Foreigner was a 1970s hard rock group. Their most successful album was called 4. 4 had some popular singles such as Urgent with a saxophone accompaniment and the rock and roll anthem called Juke Box Hero. Juke Box Hero is a popular, upbeat, inspirational ballad about a man who sets out to be a rock and roll musician with a six string in his hand. It could be about the guitarist named Mick Jones in Foreigner.

5. Rock and Roll Band by Boston: Boston was a hard rock group during the 1970s. They had one good album before their music career quickly declined. Their first album is the second highest selling debut album of all time behind Appetite For Destruction by Guns and Roses. Every song on Boston’s first album is still played frequently on classic rock radio today. One of the great songs from Boston’s first album was Rock and Roll Band about how Boston started out as a music group with sleeping in their cars and playing in all of the bars.

4. Rock and Roll Fantasy by Bad Company: Bad Company was a hard rock group during the 1970s. They had a great vocalist named Paul Rodgers, one of my favorite vocalists, who really made the songs a lot better. They had six classic albums in a row with Paul Rodgers before Paul Rodgers left Bad Company. On their Desolation Angels album they made a song called Rock and Roll Fantasy. It starts out with a great guitar intro and has some great guitar and vocals.

3. Rock and Roll by Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin was considered by many people to be the best rock and roll group from the 1970s. They made six classic albums before their music started to decline. Many people consider their fourth album to be their best one with such great songs as the epic Stairway To Heaven and my personal favorite song by them called When the Levee Breaks. However, the album also had a great rock and roll anthem called simply enough Rock and Roll. It has some great, thundering guitar work from Jimmy Paige, who many people consider to be one of the best guitarists ever.

2. Rock of Ages by Def Leppard: Def Leppard was a glam metal group during the 1980s. They had a couple of classic back to back glam metal albums during the 1980s called Pyromania and Hysteria. Pyromania is considered by many people to be one of the best glam metal albums ever with songs such as the dramatic Fooling and romantic Photograph. Pyromania also had a rock and roll anthem called Rock of Ages, which is considered to be one of the best rock and roll anthems ever. Rock of Ages starts out with an interesting intro with the words, “Gouten, gliechen, glauchen, glouben,” which is an intro used for two other songs; Pretty Fly For a White Guy by Offspring and another rock and roll anthem called Call Me What You Like If You Like Rock and Roll by Puffy AmiYumi with the intro words sped up for this last song. Rock of Ages has an interesting music video that seems to be set in medieval times. This song was based off of a hymn the lead vocalist for Def Leppard named Joe Elliot found in a hymnal book in a church. Joe Elliot also says the lines “It is better to burn out than fade away” which is also said by the villain in a movie called Highlander.

1. I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: Joan Jett was a guitarist for a music group called the Runaways, which was the first ever all female, hard rock group. The Runaways broke up and Joan Jett went on to have her own solo career with the Blackhearts. She tried out at twenty three different studios before she was finally accepted because most labels didn’t want a woman who rocked as hard as Joan Jett. She made her first album called Bad Reputation. Then she had her break out album with her next album called I Love Rock and Roll. The title song is my favorite rock and roll anthem ever. Few people seem to have more of a passion for rock and roll than Joan Jett. This song does a great job of showing just how much passion she has for the music, which is really cool to hear and see with the music video.