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Slash was the guitarist for a 1980s glam metal group called Guns and Roses. They made several good albums together before the lead vocalist for Guns and Roses named Axl Rose ostracized everybody else from the group. Slash then went on to be in a group called Velvet Revolver and make a couple of albums with them. However, that group came to an end, too, in 2008.

During the early 2010s Slash started to have his own solo career where he was in charge of the group since he had so much trouble with other band members, particularly the lead vocalists, in the past. In 2010 he made a solo album with many different lead vocalists, and Myles Kennedy made two songs with Slash on the album. They then went on to make their next album in the spring of 2012 called Apocalyptic Love, which I got as soon as it came to the shelf. I had the privilege of seeing Slash have a concert at Ribfest just a couple of days ago.

As I expected it was phenomenal. He played many songs from all four of the biggest music groups that he has played guitar for such as Let It Roll and the popular Slither from Velvet Revolver, a couple of songs from Slash’s Snakepit, the only group out of the four that I am not really familiar with but was around during the late 1990s shortly after Slash left Guns and Roses.

Most notably Slash played some songs from his new album such as You’re a Lie, Halo and Anastasia and some songs from Guns and Roses such as the classic Welcome To the Jungle, Sweet Child of Mine, Rocket Queen and Night Train. He then had the best encore I’ve ever seen at a concert by a great rock and roll group, I’ve been to seven so far, with the best song from his newest album called Standing in the Sun, a cover of immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin and Paradise city, my favorite song of all time.

Despite the concert being kind of short with only sixteen songs, three of which were an encore, on the set list, and only an hour and fifteen minutes long, I left the concert feeling satisfied with having seen and heard live one of my favorite guitarists, Slash.

The guitar riff for Immigrant Song got stuck in my head and I whistled the guitar riff over and over again while I waited for my dad to pick me up at a parking garage. The only issue I had with the experience was that I was not able to find the 95.9 the River booth to give them my business cards to hand out to people like I had at the Styx and Lynyrd Skynyrd concerts, but I hardly think that Slash could be held at fault for that.