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I have decided to expand my blog to have reviews for some of my favorite movies, too. Since Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my favorite action movie actors, and Arnold Schwarzenegger was probably one of the most definitive actors from the 1980s, I decided to have a top ten list for Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

Twins is a comedy with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito. It is about two twins who were separated at birth, but Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been living on a tropical island, sets out to help his twin brother, who he thinks is in trouble. They then proceed to look for their mother, who was also separated from them at birth, and Danny Devito tries to sell an engine for five million dollars. A couple of women tag along with them, too.

The acting from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito is actually pretty good. Arnold Schwarzenegger has usually relied on his tough guy image and dead pan, one liner humor to make himself entertaining in movies, but this is probably one of his more legitimate roles as somebody who has been secluded from the real world his whole life, which leads to him being incredibly naive.

The plot for the movie is actually pretty good as well. I have not seen the same plot as I saw used in Twins used in any other movie, which makes the plot for this movie unique and interesting. There are also many different aspects to the movie such as two twins meeting each other for the first time, the two twins trying to find their mother, some brothers trying to get some money from Danny Devito that he owes them, the romance with the twins and the women and Danny Devito trying to sell an engine to some criminals. All of these plot points happen in the same movie and work well together instead of being just thrown in.

The main actresses in the movie are incredibly attractive, particularly the woman who is with Arnold Schwarzenegger. There is one part in the movie when she is wearing a skimpy night gown and bending over a bed that I find particularly attractive, so there was some nice eye candy to have in the movie, which also makes the movie more intriguing in my humble, honest, down to earth opinion.

Despite this movie being a comedy it does not disappoint in the action department. Since this is an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie you do expect some action. An Arnold Schwarzenegger movie without action is like Eddie Van Halen without a guitar. All you get is something along the lines of How Many Say I? and nobody wants that. There are multiple villains. There are three brothers who are trying to get their money from Danny Devito. Later they bring in a couple of cousins for Arnold Schwarzenegger to beat up as well, and Danny Devito goes heavy metal on one of their asses with a guitar swing to the head. Also, like with any decent Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, there needs to be a good body count. Many people are killed, many of them criminals, most of them are shot by an assassin of some sort and the assassin is also despatched later on, but I won’t say how because that might ruin the movie.

Since this is a comedy, it also needs decent humor. The humor works really well at most parts, although sometimes it can get sleazy or corny. It is a good movie because it is a funny movie without being really sleazy, most comedies seem to be sleazy now a days unfortunately. My parents like Twins, and they are into movies that are clean, so it should be safe for the whole family to enjoy.

There is a doctor who is in charge of the experiment that you really come to dislike because he is the one who is responsible for having the twins separated from each other and from their mother by lying to all of them. Why he has them separated I do not know, but the movie does a great job of making you dislike him even more when he insults Danny Devito, who is kind of a bad guy in this move but not terrible, by calling him trash or the side effect of the experiment. You will probably be really glad like I was when you see the “dickhead” (a decent Arnold Schwarzenegger insult for the doctor) get his comeuppance later on.

There is also a nice reference to the rivalry between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone when Arnold Schwarzenegger sees a poster for Rambo and shakes his head at the size of Sylvester’s muscles, which are smaller than his. I thought that was a great part.

Despite being attractive, the women unfortunately do not have much of a point in this movie other than being romance and damsels in distress. At one point in the movie one of the women has a gun pointed at them, and Arnold Schwarzenegger quickly comes to the rescue with a kick to the head of the villain. Since I am more into women who are tough and independent like my favorite female rock and roll star, Joan Jett, the women in this movie kind of disappointed me with how helpless they seemed to be at points in the movie.

There are some loose ends. After the three brothers and their two cousins are defeated once again at the dance club, they suddenly seem to disappear from the rest of the movie. They are not killed or arrested, so I do not think it is very clear what has happened to them and why they stop going after Danny Devito. However, I eventually realized that they must’ve been the people Danny Devito paid off with the reward money. This is still kind of unclear, though, at least to me, which might not be true for other people.

Some of the music in the movie was over bearing or annoying. It made some of the dialogue the characters say difficult to hear over the music in the back ground it sometimes took away from the scene by being too on the nose or corny even. However, like any good Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, this movie ends with a good power pop song during the end credits, only this time it wasn’t by Power Station with Robert Palmer.

Some parts of the movie can be corny or sleazy, while most of the movie was pretty clean and genuine. Danny Devito talking about “the shake” that led to their birth made me kind of nauseous, but most of the movie was right on.

I definitely prefer Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action movies to other kinds of movies because I like Arnold Schwarzenegger best when he is beating the ever loving crap out of people. However, this movie was an interesting, humorous, different movie for Arnold Schwarzengger that seemed to work pretty well. Every action actor seems to need one good comedy such as this one to make them a little more down to earth and likable for the audience. It wasn’t until some of his movies later on that it got really bad, what with getting presents for Christmas, kicking some ice and giving birth, God forbid.

I would have to say that this movie is my second favorite comedy movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I will soon be reviewing my favorite comedy with Arnold Schwarzenegger at number eight. However, tomorrow I shall review a much more serious movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger at number nine, a movie that deals with foreign soldiers, jungle terrain and an alien warrior. That’s right… Tune in next time for my ninth favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. I’ll be back…