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Nazareth was a hard rock group during the 1970s. At one time they were supposed to rival Aerosmith in terms of popularity, but we all know which one of them succeeded more. Nazareth has had some good points, though, so they should not be completely ruled off even though most people now a days probably don’t remember them that much.

They had a great, angsty vocalist named Dan McCafferty, the guitar work was decent, sometimes very atmospheric for songs such as the ending of Miss Misery, and they made one great album called Hair of the Dog with the picture of a giant bat on the front of it.

One of my room mates and good friends in college liked the sound of Nazareth so much that he ended up buying the studio album for Hair of the Dog, which was surprisingly still on the shelf at Best Buy. We also decided that Hair of the Dog would be his theme song because he likes to think of himself as a son of a bitch.

Hair of the Dog is a great, angsty song with some screaming vocals and the chorus of “Now you’re messing with a son of a bitch.” I played this song one time at high volume in my pick up truck with the windows open after being turned down for a job. If you’re pissed off or just really into great 1970s hard rock, then this will be a great song for you to listen to.

Plus the title of the album is a witty pun in reference to the song. Hair of the Dog could be “Heir” of the Dog, which would make you the son of a bitch, which is a female dog. Get it? Oh, how clever.