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Slash was the guitarist for Guns and Roses, which was a big metal group during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He then left the music group when the lead vocalist became too hard to work with. He made a couple albums with a hard rock group during the early 2000s called Velvet Revolver. He then left that group when it disbanded and his first solo album with a wide variety of lead vocalists in 2010.

Three of the other five original members from Guns and Roses excluding Axl Rose also helped make music for the album. In 2008 plans were already made for the album in 2010 such as having vocalists such as Ozzy Osbourne and Fergie do guest vocals for the album. In spring of 2010 Slash made a bonus song called Mother Maria that was dedicated to the victims of the earthquakes in Haiti. It was then released as a bonus song for the album on Itunes.

The album was released in the spring of 2010. However, there was also a limited edition of the album with bonus features and only one thousand copies released on April 7 2010. He made two songs with Myles Kennedy, one of which was a last minute song called Back From Cali, which made Myles Kennedy the only vocalist to make more than one song with Slash on the album. Izzy Stradlin was the only other person to play guitar on the album with rhythm guitar for one of my favorite songs on the album called Ghost. Some singles were released, some of which were featured in TV shows such as the new series for Hawaii 5:0. Book them, Slash! Also, two additional songs were released on an extended version of the album; Baby Can’t Drive with Alice Cooper on vocals and a cover of Paradise City with Fergie on vocals, who surprisingly is actually a pretty good vocalist for Slash to work with.

Slash had a tour with Myles Kennedy as the vocalist in 2010 with some songs from Guns and Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash’s Snakepit and his solo career. Slash played a song called By the Sword on the Late Shows that were hosted by Craig Ferguson and Jay Leno. He wore a pin that supported Conan O’Brian, who had been kicked off the Late Show, when he performed the song on Jay Leno’s show, but there are very few close ups showing Slash wearing the pin. TMZ did manage to find a close up of the pin and plaster it all over the news, which was probably one of the few good things TMZ has ever done. I disagree with Conan O’Brian being kicked off the Late Show as well.

The album and singles for the album such as Beautiful Dangerous all charted well. The album was praised for its variety of vocalists and styles. Quite frankly, I would be O.K. with Slash sticking with Myles Kennedy and not returning to Velvet Revolver , “which has been on hiatus for five years now”, since the music Slash has made on his own I think is much more interesting than the music he made with the somewhat generic Velvet Revolver.