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Velvet Revolver was a hard rock group during the early 2000s with Slash from Guns and Roses on guitar. Most of Velvet Revolver’s music really rocked due to having Slash on guitar, but with somebody who I thought was only an average vocalist and song writer, Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots, I actually thought that most of the music by Velvet Revolver kind of blended together.

Quite frankly, I think Slash’s newest vocalist and song writer, Myles Kennedy, is much better for Slash’s music because the songs that Myles Kennedy has made with Slash so far on their Apocalyptic Love album are actually memorable and distinguishable from each other.

Velvet Revolver did make a couple of great songs, though, such as Set Me, which was for the Hulk sound track and made it to number seventeen on the charts. They also made a song that made it onto VH1’s 100 best hard rock songs of all time called Slither with a great guitar intro and solo. I had the privilege of seeing this song played live along with some other Velvet Revolver, Conspirators and Guns and Roses’ songs by Slash live at Ribfest last Friday, which was one of my favorite concerts I’ve ever been to along with Van Halen’s concert with my dad in Kentucky spring of 2012.