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Living Colour is a 1980s heavy metal group. They were one of the few African American heavy metal groups during the 1980s. They made a great song called Cult of Personality with one of my five favorite guitar solos ever.

They also made a couple of cover songs such as a cover of Burning of the Mid Night Lamp, which was originally made by Jimi Hendrix, and a cover of one of Cream’s biggest songs called Sunshine of Your Love. I like the original version of the song more because Cream is one of my favorite music groups for guitar work, but Living Colour’s version is a decent rocker as well. They also had the song featured in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie called True Lies.

They also made a music video for Sunshine of Your Love with parts of the movie, True Lies, in the music video. It is another great music video from a 1980s metal group with footage from a great Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. However, my favorite 1980s metal music video with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it is still You Could Be Mine with footage from the second Terminator movie.