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My eighth favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is True Lies. True Lies is about a secret agent who is married to a woman that does not know he is an agent. This puts a strain on the relationship that the agent has with his wife and his daughter because he is never around them and does not understand them due to never being with them. However, when the agent finds out that his wife is supposedly having an affair and decides to put her on a fake mission, things go very badly when they are captured by real terrorists. Now the agent and his wife must rebuild their relationship, save their lives and save the city from a nuclear bomb that the terrorists plan to use. Fortunately, the terrorists are not very competent.

One of the best things about this movie are the hero characters. Arnold Schwarzenegger is his usual macho self as an agent who tears through terrorists. However, this is also probably one of his best acting roles. Arnold Schwarzenegger is able to show that he is able to act and be a comedian as well as beat people up, which looks cool but usually does not require that great of acting. Jamie Lee Curtis, who was in Halloween fifteen years before, does a great acting job as Arnold’s wife. She shows that she can be funny, sexy and tough. She is the first woman in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie on my top ten list who I actually like for more than just her looks. She is useful to have around,  has a deep personality and is very attractive. The agent who works with Arnold Schwarzenegger is very funny. Also, Arnold’s daughter is incredibly attractive for her age. She has good taste in music with listening to Living Colour. She also does something productive by stealing a key that will trigger the bomb the terrorists were going to use and shows how gutsy she is by climbing across a crane arm on top of a skyscraper and threatening to drop the key if the terrorist goes for her. Maybe she will be an agent one day herself because I think with her large independency at fourteen years of age that she would be a great one to have. Maybe a sequel or spin off? Probably not, but it’s a nice idea.

The plot is very interesting for this movie. Just like Twins I have rarely seen a plot like the one in True Lies, which makes the plot very unique. Arnold being an agent who is married to a woman and can not let her know about him being an agent is actually the best plot in the movie, but there is another plot with some terrorists that seems added on because the movie with Arnold needed some action in it. The plot leads to some great humor, character chemistry and is a lead in to the terrorist plot.

Like with many great Arnold Schwarzenegger movies the action in this movie is great, too, and inventive. The action scene at the beginning of the movie is kind of typical with a lot of gun fire and a chase scene down a snowy mountain and through some woods to a van. However, the action after the first scene is much more original with Arnold Schwarzenegger chasing a terrorist on a horse, the terrorist doing a great stunt by jumping off of a building into a swimming pool on top of a motorcycle. There is some great gun action and hand to action. There is an exciting ariel fight on a bridge and the boss villain gets his come uppance in a rather unique sort of way.

Like Twins there is a lot of great humor in this movie. It is my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy movie. One of the subplots with Arnold thinking that his wife is having an affair with a used car salesmen is hilarious because of Arnold’s over the top reactions, his friend’s witty dialogue when he’s trying to calm Arnold down and then when they have their revenge on the used car salesman I also thought that was funny because it shows perverts and family wreckers for who they truly are, a bunch of yellow bellied rats.

There is a good song in this movie made by an African American heavy metal group called Living Colour. They also made a music video with parts of the movie in it for their song, which is a cover of Sunshine of Your Love by Cream. The original by Cream is the best version because Cream is probably one of the ten best music groups of all time for guitar. However, Living Colour is a good group that does a decent version of the song as well, and it is cool to see some good 1980s metal used in the movie.

There were also some interesting gadgets with particularly the sun glasses that could show you things with a camera hidden in a cigarette pack. The sunglasses show Arnold that his daughter is secretly stealing money from him, which shows that his relationship with his daughter is becoming distant and she is starting to rebel against him at the age of fourteen. Might as well get that stuff out of your system when you’re young before any really bad consequences occur in my opinion. Arnold later uses the sunglasses to find out that couple of terrorists have come into a restroom to kill him, which leads to another great action scene.

I only two real issues with the movie, both of which had to deal with the villain plot of the movie instead of the family plot of the movie, which I thought was flawless. First off the terrorists Arnold was dealing with in the movie were supposed to be the toughest most extreme terrorists around. However, they show time and again that they are actually very incompetent. Sometimes this is used for comedy such as when the boss villain is talking to a video camera and they run out of batteries, which is darkly humorous because you think that the cameraman is going to be majorly screwed when that happens. There is also a funny part when one of the terrorists accidently shoots another terrorists out of a truck with the tail fire from a rocket launcher. Another funny part is when a bird lands on the hood of their truck which is about to go off a bridge and they fall off the bridge due to the pelican. However, Arnold seems to plow through these villains even easier than he usually does and the villains never seem to pose that much of a threat despite having a powerful nuclear bomb. Many of them are show by Arnold’s wife on accident. Apparently, they were all running in a straight line towards the gun. What? Also, the fact that the daughter could steal the key right from under the noses of the terrorists and the boss villain did not realize this until a reporter somewhat stupidly points it out to him shows that these guys aren’t the brightest bulbs around.

Also, the whole plot with the bomb and the terrorists seems like very old hat. this same old tired plot has been done many times. However, since this does seem to be kind of a spy parody and there is another much more interesting the plot with the bomb and terrorists is excusable. The clear focus of the movie is on Arnold and his relationship with his family, which also makes this the best family movie out of of all of Arnold’s movies, and the villains are very much secondary to the main family plot. The sad thing is many movies have the secondary plot in this movie as their main plot and that is all you get from them.

This is my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy and family movie. The next seven movies will mostly be straight action with a couple of science movies thrown in. I think the plot for this movie is very interesting, the characters are great and the action is great, too, which makes me give this movie a 3.5/5 based on preference, but a much higher rating for how good of a movie it actually is because it is another classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Quite frankly, some of the Arnold movies that are higher up on my list and more straight are probably not as good as this movie actually is, but this list is based on preference and not so much the actual quality of the movies. I am usually a straight action movie fan and the fact that the villains and villain plot were so weak in this movie partly takes away from my liking for this movie.