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Chickenfoot was a hard rock group that was formed during the late 2000s with Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony from Van Halen, instrumental guitar legend named Joe Satriani and Chad West from the Red Hot Chili Peppars.

They made a couple of albums, the second of which I had the privilege to buy as soon as it made it to stores. I also got 3D glasses, 3D cards and a music video DVD with the album. I wasn’t counting on getting that stuff, too, but it was some pretty sweet marketing gimmicks.

The music video for Bigfoot by Chickenfoot kind of reminds me of the music video for Disco Lies by Moby in that it has a large chicken running around. Only this time instead of trying to kill Col. Sanders, classic stuff, this chicken is going after a woman he wants to be with. Unfortunately, things do not work out too well for him as you will see in this music video.