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Let’s face it. Nickelback will never win band of the year for popularity. It seems that there are just as many people out there who hate Nickelback as there are who like them. Quite frankly I’m not a big fan of their cliche sound either, but they did have a few good songs such as Burn It to the Ground, which is quite a rocker.

Burn It To the Ground has some great guitar work, and even if the lines such as “Last call/my ass”, “We’re screaming likes demons/And we’re swinging from the ceiling” and “All in and balls out”, prove to be cliche, they still seem to be entertaining in my opinion.

Once again I included a bad ass anime music video to go with this song. I know anime is nerdy, but come on, you’re watching a Nickelback song, so you’re not expecting to look cool while watching it anyway. Plus anime rocks almost as much as rock and roll in my opinion.