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20. Click Click Boom by Saliva: Saliva is a hard rock group during the early 2000s. One of their biggest albums was Every Six Seconds with such big singles as Your Disease and my favorite song by them called Click Click Boom. Click Click Boom is a great rocker that mixes rap lyrics with guitar work. Saliva will also be coming out with a new album this summer called In It To Win It. I am eagerly waiting for their new album to come out, so that I can write a review about it.

19. Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix: Jimi Hendrix is considered by many people to be the best, most influential guitarist of all time. He was a blues rock guitarist during the 1960s and played at some big concerts such as Woodstock where he made the famous, patriotic instrumental called Star Spangled Banner. He only made three albums, but they changed guitar rock in an incredible way. One of the biggest songs from his first album called Are you Experienced was a song called Purple Haze. I love the guitar work for this song, and the vocals are great, too.

18. You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi was a glam metal group during the 1980s. They made three good albums before they became popular and sold out. Their most popular album and one of my favorite ablums by Bon Jovi was called Slippery When Wet with three of Bon Jovi’s biggest songs; Wanted Dead or Alive, Liviing On a Prayer and You Give Love a Bad Name. You Give Love a Bad Name is my favorite song by Bon Jovi because it really rocks and is one of the sexiest songs I have ever heard. Bon Jovi made a new album last spring that I did not like that much because his sound has become softer since the 1980s, but he did have some great songs during his hey day such as You Give Love a Bad Name.

17. Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue: Motley Crue was a big glam metal group during the 1980s. They were well known for their debauchery, rock and roll life style with loose women, drugs, alcohol, motorcycles and crazy stage performances with fireworks, skantily clad women and tommy Lee playing drums on an upside down roller coaster. Motley Crue went through some issues with drugs during their Girls, Girls, Girls album. However, they managed to pull it together and sober up for their next album called Dr. Feelgood, which would go on to be their biggest album ever. Dr. Feelgood was one of the biggest songs from that album and it is one of the best rockers I have ever heard with some crazy guitar and a thundering bass line.

16. Rock of Ages by Def Leppard: Def Leppard was another glam metal group during the 1980s. They made a couple of great back to back albums called Pyromania and Hysteria. I probably like Pyromania a little more because it was more rocking and less slick and poppish. One of the biggest songs from that album was one of my favorite rock and roll anthems called Rock of Ages. Rock of Ages starts off with some gibberish words, “gouten, gliechen, glauchen, glouben”, which would go on to be in two other songs; Pretty Fly For a White Guy by Offspring and Call Me What You Like If You Like Rock and Roll by Puffy AmiYumi.

15. Over the Mountain by Ozzy Osbourne: Ozzy Osbourne used to be the lead vocalist for Black Sabbath until he was fired from the group for being addicted to drugs. He then set off on his own solo career with Randy Rhoades as the first guitarist for his solo career. Randy Rhoades would make two albums with Ozzy Osbourne before he died in a plane crash. One of my favorite songs from their second album together was called Over the Mountain. It has some great guitar work from Randy Rhoades that shows why he was considered one of the best guitarists during the early 1980s.

14. Panama by Van Halen: Van Halen was a glam metal group during the 1980s. However, they actually started out during the late 1970s and would pave the way for most of the metal music that came out during the 1980s. Many other glam metal groups such as Def Leppard would try to replicate Van Halen’s sound and some of the groups like Def Leppard were successful with the Van Halen sound, but none of them was as good as the original 1980s glam metal group called Van Halen. One of Van Halen’s biggest albums was their final album with David Lee Roth during their original run with David Lee Roth in 1984. My favorite song from that album is a great rocker called Panama that has a great music of Van Halen playing on stage and doing all kinds of crazy stunts such as Michael Anthony swinging from the ceiling while playing his Jack Daniels bass guitar.

13. I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: Joan Jett was originally a guitarist for the Runaways, which was the first ever, all female hard rock group during the 1970s. They then broke up and Joan Jett went on to have her own solo career with the Blackhearts. She had to go to twenty three different studios until she was finally accepted by a record label. One of Joan Jett’s biggest songs was also one of my favorite rock and roll anthems called I Love Rock and Roll. I Love Rock and Roll shows Joan Jett’s passion for rock and roll that is surpassed by very few other people in music, and I Love Rock and Roll because of that passion from my favorite woman in rock and roll is the sexiest song I have ever heard.

12. Cult of Personality by Living Colour: Living Colour was one of the few African American heavy metal groups during the 1980s. They had a great guitarist named Vernon Reid. One of their best songs from their first album had a great music video called Cult of Personality. Vernon Reid shows his incredible guitar playing skills with one of my favorite guitar solos ever and the most rocking guitar solo I have ever heard. Plus the energy from the rest of the group also makes this song a powerful song to listen to and a powerful music video to watch.

11. Disco Lies by Moby: Moby was an electronic artist during the 1990s and early 2000s. He made my favorite album by him in 2008 called Last Night. One of the songs on Last Night is a very energetic, soulful song called Disco Lies. It has a music video of a chicken having his revenge on Col. Sanders from Kentucky Fried Chicken for killing off his family for the food that he serves, which might mean that the music video is in favor of vegetarianism. Disco Lies by Moby shows a drastic departure from the previous songs on the list with a transition from really rocking songs to songs that emotionally grip me in some way, and more emotionally gripping songs for me will soon follow on the list.

10. Moving On by Bad Company: Bad Company was a hard rock group during the 1970s. Their vocalist named Paul Rodgers is my favorite vocalist in all of music. Moving On might seem like an average rocker to some people and an odd choice to put at number ten on my twenty favorite songs of all time list, but it is the vocals, feeling of this song and guitar solo that really win this song over for me. The vocals are bluesy, the feeling is gritty and the guitar solo despite being kind of short is actually very moving for me. It is one of my favorite rockers by Bad Company and one of my favorite rockers from the entire decade for the 1970s.

9. Run To You by Bryan Adams: Bryan Adams was a soft rock musician during the 1980s with some good songs such as Cuts Like a Knife and Summer of 69, which is actually a double entendre for both the year and the sexy position. However, my favorite song by Bryan Adams is Run To You because it has so much feeling to it with the vocals and the guitar work. The guitar solo just blows my mind with how good it is, even if it is not as rocking as the guitar solo for some songs such Cult of Personality by Living Colour. The vocals and the chorus for Run To You are electrifying. Plus I love the whole idea of running to somebody you love, and I day dream sometimes about running down Roosevelt Road at night while trying not to get my ass plowed over by a car and making it to my ultimate love, sappy but great.

8. Lonely Is the Night by Billy Squier: Billy Squier was a hard rock musician during the 1980s that kind of sounds like Bryan Adams and had some great songs such as the dark In the Dark, rocking Everybody Wants You, romantic My Kind of Lover and sexy The Stroke. My favorite song by Bryan Adams is Lonely Is the Night once again for the feeling of the song. It conveys a great feeling of angst and loneliness about being lonely in the night, but it also encouraging because it conveys that all you have to do is go outside and you will find somebody who is just as lonely as you are to love. Lonely Is the Night was one of several great songs that Billy Squier released on his first full length album called Don’t Say No. Later on his career would decline when he made a music video for Rock Me Tonight that looked so flamboyant many people thought he was as gay as Bryan Adams, but Billy Squier did manage to make one album at least when he was king of the mountain in rock and roll.

7. More Than a Feeling by Boston: Boston was a hard rock group during the 1970s. They made one great album before their career declined. Their first album was the second highest selling debut album of all time, and many of the songs from their first album are still played on classic rock radio today. One of my favorite songs from the album, though, was More Than a Feeling because it conveys an incredible feeling of nostalgia. It’s a great song for night time driving, too.

6. When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin was one of the most definitive music groups from the 1970s and is quickly rising up through the ranks to be one of my favorite music groups as well. They had a great vocalist named Robert Plant and a great guitarist named Jimmy Paige. Their best album by many people is considered to be their fourth album with such great songs as the rock and roll anthem called Rock and Roll, what many people consider to be the best rock and roll song ever made called Stairway To Heaven and my personal favorite song by Led Zeppelin called When the Levee Breaks. I love how bluesy the guitar is for When the Levee Breaks, I love the heavy drum beat and I love the screeching vocals like a wild animal coming from Robert Plant. Plus it makes a blatant shout out to Chicago and how we should all go there, which I think makes the song even better because that is where I live.

5. Live and Learn by Crush 40: Since I am such a big fan of classic rock and roll, this next song will probably be almost as big of a surprise for many people as Disco Lies by Moby was at number eleven on the list. Crush 40 was a music group that made some of the sound track for the second Sonic video game with one song called Live and Learn that I absolutely love. Few songs rock more with guitar than this one does and the vocals and lyrics are energetic and inspiring. It’s basically guitar rock at its absolute best and most entertaining. This song will mark a transition back from emotionally moving songs to my top five list, which is completely made up of up beat, hard rockers because that is what music is all about to me, entertainment.

4. Stronger by Daft Punk. Daft Punk will probably be yet another surprise on this list. They were an electronic music group during the 1990s and early 2000s, and they made the sound track for the new Tron movie that came out in the fall of 2010. My favorite song by them, though, is the highly energetic Stronger, which was later covered by Kanye West. I would put Kanye West’s version on here, it is one of the few songs by him that I actually like, but I just didn’t feel right about putting a Kanye West song on my top twenty list no matter how good it is because he’s kind of a douche like Chad Kroeger. Stronger was one of my favorite songs in high school, and it stills rocks today in my opinion.

3. Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting by Elton John: Elton John was a 1970s rhythm and blues artist and is considered by many people to be one of the best piano players in all of rock and roll along with Stevie Wonder and Billy Joel. He had a string of number one hit songs in the 1970s and is one of the highest selling musicians or music groups of all time. His version of Candle In the Wind in 1997 for the queen of England who had just died is supposed to be the highest selling single of all time. However, my favorite song by Elton John ironically did not make it as high up on the chart list as some of his other more popular songs did. Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting might have been one of Elton John’s lower sellers, but with its song message about looking for action with a night on the town, this song really rocks my world.

2. Turn Up the Radio by Autograph: It should come as no surprise to some people who know my music tastes pretty well that the top two songs on my top twenty favorite songs of all time list are both glam metal songs from the 1980s. The first of the two and my second favorite song of all time is my favorite rock and roll anthem of all time and the song that I think best defines what the 1980s were all about with their primary objective to have a rocking good time. Turn Up the Radio was made by a little known, one hit wonder group called Autograph that had some other good songs on the same album that Turn Up the Radio was from such as Send Her To Me and Night Teen and Non Stop. However, none of the other songs from their Sign In Please, biggest hit album were as great or as big as Turn Up the Radio. Turn Up the Radio also had a classic music video on MTV that got them a lot of popularity and air play with Turn Up the Radio.

1. Paradise City by Guns and Roses: And my number one favorite song of all time is, drum roll please, Paradise City by Guns and Roses! Guns and Roses was one of the biggest metal groups to dominate the scene during the late 1980s. While Van Halen was moving more towards pop with the Sammy Hagar era of Van Halen that mostly favored synthesizers over guitar, which was a big mistake for Van Halen, Guns and Roses took over the job as number one most rocking group with such great rockers as Welcome To the Jungle, Mr. Brownstone, Night Train and the occasional syrupy power ballad such as Sweet Child of Mine. Paradise City is my favorite song because it is in my opinion the perfect song with a great build up with some slow guitar that then leads into some more rocking guitar once a whistle is blown and Axl Rose singing some emotionally powerful lyrics such as “Take me down to the Paradise City/Where the grass is green/And the girls are pretty/Oh, won’t you please take me home”. Some of the guitar parts such as the middle of the song make my hair stand on end with how good it is, and the guitar outro at the end of this song is ridiculous with some of the most rocking guitar I have ever heard and on the same level as the guitar solo for Cult of Personality by Living Colour.