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Expendables 2 is my seventh favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. It is a sequel to the first Expendables movie, but has a little more of Arnold Schwarzenegger in this movie. Arnold actually does some useful things in this movie such as saving the other characters from a cave in and fighting in the final fight instead of just giving orders and making a cameo appearance like he did in the first movie. Expendables 2 is about some soldiers who are given the task of getting a map that leads to the location in a mine for a bunch of plutonium that could be used to make nuclear bombs. One of the soldiers is killed and the rest of the soldiers set out for revenge and to stop the plutonium from being used.

The acting in this movie isn’t great. All of the main actors in this movie are big action actors, which means they are good at being tough and fighting people, but will probably not win an award for their acting skills. Still this movie does boast an impressive variety of action actors such as Sylvester Stallone from the Rocky movies and Rambo, Dolf Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger from Terminator and Commando, Bruce Willis from Die Hard, Jet Li from martial arts movies and a whole bunch of other action actors, too. Chuck Norris even makes a cameo appearance in order for him to kill off a bunch of villains with a machine gun, destroy a tank with a rocket launcher, save the main characters and give us a hilarious Chuck Norris joke about how a cobra bit him, but after three days of suffering the cobra finally died, which I greatly appreciated because I fondly remember Chuck Norris jokes from cross country during high school.

There is not much of a plot. It is your typical action plot about revenge, one of the soldiers is killed off and the rest of the soldiers set out to avenge them, and terrorists who are trying to get some plutonium to make nuclear bombs. The plot for this movie is about as basic as the plot is for most Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. However, you do not watch the average Arnold Schwarzenegger movie or either of the Expendables movies for a plot. You watch those movies to see shit get blown up, which this movie has quite a lot of.

There is only one woman really in this movie that is memorable. There are two other women in this movie. One of them is a woman that Bruce Willis plans to marry but might be cheating on him and Sylvester Stallone does not like her. The other woman is the girlfriend of the soldier who is killed, but we barely see anything of her and she doesn’t even have any lines, so she is also highly inconsequential. However, we do get a pretty cool Asian woman who goes along with the Expendables on the mission. They think that they will have to baby sit her, but she quickly proves to them that she can take care of herself.

The action in this movie is fantastic. The two best action scenes are probably either the opening scene or the final fight between Sylvester Stallone and Van Damme. The fight between Sylvester Stallone and Van Damme shows them both at their top notch fighting abilities beating the crap out of each other. Bruce Willis also has a fight against the lieutenant villain, but the lieutenant villain is not very memorable. The opening scene is great with the Expendables breaking into a heavily fortified, heavily guarded base to save of all people Arnold Schwarzenegger and the man, who we don’t ever even get to know and Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to save. They break into the base, save Arnold and the other man and make their escape with some zip lines, the cover fire from a sniper and newer member on their team, jet skis and a plane that blows up a bridge with a missile launcher on the front.

There are some good one liners. Dolf Lundgren plays a great, quirky character. I’ve seen a couple of his 1980s action movies back during his hey day such as Red Scorpion and Rocky 4 with him as the villain who kills Carl Weathers, and I have to say that this movie gives him a much more interesting personality as a crazy, hulking genius who likes to pick on Jet Li. Also, the Chuck Norris joke is hilarious about the cobra who bites Chuck Norris and dies. It was a good reference to the Chuck Norris jokes I remember from cross country during high school.

The heroes are great with some heavy hitters such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis and Jet Li, but the villains are just as good. Van Damme makes for a great villain. He puts up a great fight against Sylvester Stallone and really makes you dislike him by murdering one of the soldiers in cold blood with a knife to the chest. They travel around a good deal in this movie, but none of the locations really stands out to me. Probably the only location that was even remotely interesting to me was when they went to an abandoned city. Why it was there I have no idea, but it was memorable at least. This movie has some pretty cool weapons in it such as machine guns, shot guns and rocket launchers.

I would rate this movie a 4/5 based on preference, which might be a bit high. It didn’t have that much of Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, but Arnold still plays a decent part in it, certainly as big of a part as some of the other action heroes in this movie. Movies farther along this list will have more of Arnold Schwarzenegger in them and less of other people hogging the spot light like it was in both Predator and Expendables 2.