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Moby was an electronic music artist during the 1990s and early 2000s. He made the theme song called Extreme Ways for the Bourne movie series. He also made my favorite album by him called Last Night.

Last Night is one of my favorite albums and the only electronic album I really like because it has some songs such as Disco Lies and Live For Tomorrow that cause my hair to stand on end because they are so electrically charged, pun unintended, and emotionally powerful. Other songs on the album such as Ooh, Yeah, I Love To Move In Here and .257 Zero are great rockers to dance to. Also, there are songs like Last Night that are more melancholy and tranquil than emotionally powerful or upbeat, but they convey an interesting feeling that you will get with not much other music.

I find it interesting that the one album I really like by Moby was not actually that popular of one. It did not sell a lot of copies and reviews were mixed about the album. Some people praised the album for being retrospective, true to New York dance club music, diverse and having many guest vocalists while other people criticized it for being old fashioned and lacking a focus. No matter what you say about the album it is still one of my favorite albums, though, at least at this current time.