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Eraser is about an agent who keeps people safe in the witness protection program. He is protecting a woman who plans to help bring down a corporation that is helping to make weapons. Another witness is killed, which leads to Arnold giving away the location of his witness. Arnold saves his witness and now he and his witness must find out how to stop the weapons company before they can sell a bunch of weapons to terrorists.

Most of the acting in this movie is average. However, it does boast some notable actors such as of course Arnold Schwarzenegger, a woman who won a Miss America contest and plays the main woman in this movie and James Caan. James Caan is a great actor for action movies like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He does a great job in Eraser, but another one of my favorite movie roles with him was when he was in El Dorado. El Dorado is one of my favorite westerns with a star studded cast and James Caan gives a great performance as a very young James Caan. Another interesting thing about James Caan is that my martial arts sensei that I had fall of 2010 sent him a letter when James Caan was a lot younger. It was a letter that was correcting James Caan on his martial arts form. James Caan sent my sensei a letter back about how they should get into a fight. They never actually fought, but I still fought it was an interesting confrontation that my martial arts teacher had with James Caan.

The action in this movie is great. There are some great scenes such as when Arnold is facing a plane that is about to crash into him but he shoots the windshield of the plane when he is parachuting and manages to make the plane avoid him, there are some crocodiles in a zoo who kill some of the villains and Arnold has an exciting final fight against James Caan. There is also an interesting ray gun weapon that the weapons company plans to sell to terrorists, but they also use a couple of them to fight Arnold Schwarzenegger with them.

The humor in this movie is some typical one liners from Arnold such as when he shoots a crocodile in the head and says that the crocodile is “luggage”. They also have some comical characters such as some small time mafia criminals who end up helping Arnold take down the main villains and a guy who Arnold saved that ends up in a gay bar much to his displeasure.

The suspense in this movie is mostly when the villains find out the location of Arnold’s witness and go after her. There is also suspense when we find out that there are a couple of traitors in the organization, one of which is very close to Arnold.

Arnold is his usual tough guy self. However, I also like the woman in this movie. She is attractive and she definitely deserved to win Miss America for her beauty. However, she is also able to take care of herself what with shooting one of the villains in the leg and knocking a mob boss unconscious by hitting him over the head with a coffee pot. There are some other minor protagonists who help out Arnold and are kind of cliche but are also kind of funny, partly because they are such cliche stereotypes of who they are supposed to be.

The villain that the weapons are being sold to is very cliche and typical. He doesn’t have much screen time or development. Some of the other villains who are working high up in the government are also highly forgettable. However, James Caan is the one great villain in this movie that makes the villains good characters and is able to put up a good fight against Arnold. He’s certainly one of the few good villains out there to put up a good fight against Arnold, more than most other enemies of Arnold’s can put up.

The setting for this movie is very typical. There are not really any memorable settings in this movie. However, there is an exciting fight that takes place on a plane. I guess the plane is the best setting in this movie because of how exciting the fight scene was on it. There is also a zoo that is somewhat interesting and some of the animals are used to fight the villains.

This is an average movie with some good acting talent from a Miss America winner, James Caan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is one of my more favorite movies by Arnold Schwarzenegger, though, because it has pretty much straight action and some actors I well recognize as good action actors.