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Boston was a hard rock group during the 1970s. They had a great first album that was the second highest selling debut album in history until Appetite For Destruction by Guns and Roses. All of the songs from the album are still played on classic rock radio today, and unlike some albums such as Metal Health by Quiet Riot, Boston’s first album is a one album wonder that actually deserves the credit it receives. After Boston’s first album, their career quickly went down hill. However, their first album has some of my favorite songs.

More Than a Feeling and Long Time are both emotionally powerful. Long Time has a two minute guitar intro called Foreplay that has some great guitar work. Peace of Mind is one of the most encouraging songs I have ever heard along with Stars by Moby from his Last Night album. Rock and Roll Band is one of my favorite rock and roll anthems ever. Smoking is a great rocker and Hitch a Ride has a couple of great guitar solos in it. The last two songs on the album are not that great, Something About You and Let Me Take You Home Tonight, particularly the second of these two songs with its goofy, repetitive chorus. However, what songs I do like on this album are undoubtedly some of my favorite rock and roll songs ever. It’s just a pity that Boston was not able to make more of these songs after their first album.