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Bon Jovi was a glam metal group during the 1980s. He made three good albums before he became popular and unfortunately also became a sell out. However, his first three albums during the 1980s are what I love about him.

Bon Jovi’s first album had the big hit called Runaway with some synthesizers, but it works all the same. His first album also had some great rockers such as Break Out, Come Back, Burning For Love and Roulette. It had a great ballad called Shot Through the Heart, not to be confused with You Give Love a Bad Name on his Slippery When Wet album. It also had one of my favorite songs by him that is also highly over looked called Get Ready.

His second album is my favorite one. The album called 7800 Fahrenheit had some great rockers such as In and Out of Love, King of the Mountain, Secret Dreams and Always Run To You. It had a great rocker with an interesting, Japanese intro, part of a real Japanese song that has been around since at least the 1950s, called Tokyo Road. It also had one of my favorite power ballads ever called Silent Night. One other song it had on the album I feel would’ve worked really well as one of the songs in the sound track for Commando because it has some interesting electronic drum effects called I Don’t Want To Fall Into the Fire.

Bon Jovi’s third album was when he really made it big. It has three of his most classic songs; You Give Love a Bad Name, Wanted Dead or Alive and Living On a Prayer. It also has one of my favorite rock and roll anthems ever called Let It Rock. It has a couple of decent rockers; Raise Your Hands and Wild In the Streets, and it has a song with an awkward intro that sounds like somebody orgasming called Social Disease, but the rest of the song is pretty good if you can make it past the first awkward, fifteen seconds.

Due to Bon Jovi’s first three albums he is one of my twenty favorite music groups. He played a large part in me finding other good hard rock and metal groups, I have been listening to and enjoying his early music for four years now, and for that he gets onto the top twenty list. You can criticize his later music, I think it sucks, too, but his early music was pretty epic.