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Guns and Roses is one of my favorite metal groups that was at the height of their career during the late 1980s and early 1990s. They had a great first album called Appetite For Destruction with some great songs as my favorite song ever called Paradise City, one of these days I might make a music video with this song and some of my favorite action TV shows. It also had Welcome To the Jungle, Sweet Child of Mine, Night Train, Mr. Brownstone and Rocket Queen, half of the album had classic songs such as these. The other half was decent, too.

They then made a half live and half acoustic album called GNR Lies. While the lives songs on GNR Lies were good, the acoustic songs were kind of boring and one of the acoustic songs was the infamous One In a Million that was basically a six minute long song with Axl Rose ranting about how much he hated minorities. Nice guy…

They then went on to make a couple of the albums at the same time, the classic Use Your Illusion 1 and 2 albums. I personally like the first one a lot more myself because it had more rockers on it and less long, pretentious song such as Civil War and Breakdown. However, the second Use Your Illusion album did have one of my favorite songs by Guns and Roses, which makes the second Use Your Illusion album actually worth listening to, along with a couple of other songs I kind of like such as Shotgun Blues and Locomotive.

You Could Be Mine was the best song from their second Use Your Illusion album in my opinion, and it is quite a rocker. They also made a music video for You Could Be Mine with some footage from Terminator 2. Both Terminator 2 and Guns and Roses will be showing up on my top ten list and top twenty list that I am currently doing pretty soon. With some great, speedy, energetic vocals from Axl Rose, some great guitar playing from one of my favorite guitarists named Slash and some cool action scenes from my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, which I will be reviewing tonight, Terminator 2, this is one hell of a music video. It’s actually one of my two favorite music videos and my favorite professional music video. The other favorite of mine is a fan made music video for Click Click Boom by Saliva, which I have already shown a couple of times and has something else in it that I will be reviewing for another top ten list later on.