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Terminator 2 picks up with where Terminator left off. When last we left our heroine, Sarah Connor, she was driving off into the desert and a storm was brewing. Since that time she has had a son, tried to destroy a computer factory and been thrown into an asylum for the criminally insane. Now two more terminators have been sent to the past. One of them has been assigned to protect Sarah’s son named John Connor, the other one has been assigned to kill him. Arnold in this terminator movie is playing the hero, which is good to see. I love to root for a hero who I know can beat the crap out of most people. The two terminators close in on John Connor, and John Connor tries to stay alive, save his mother and stop the weapons factory called Cyberdyne before they can cause judgement day to occur.

The acting in this movie is pretty good despite not really having any notable actors, at least that I recognize, besides Arnold Schwarzenegger. Despite James Cameron making this movie, too, you only see one of James Cameron’s actors in this movie. I was surprised to hear that Jenette Goldstein who plays Private Vasquez in Aliens actually plays a completely different role in Terminator 2 as John Connor’s foster mother. Both Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen had been killed off in the first movie, unfortunately, although we do see the psychologist again, who is a familiar face from the first movie.

The action in this movie is awesome. Is there an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie without great action? That seems highly unlikely. We get an exciting first confrontation between the two terminators as they fight over John, the enemy terminator chases and tries to kill John Connor right before Arnold Schwarzenegger shows up to save the day, there is another exciting confrontation and chase at the asylum where Sarah is being kept and there is a great final fight with Sarah Connor, John Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger all facing off against the enemy terminator.

There is more humor in this movie and it is more upbeat and hopeful than the first movie. For one thing the heroes in this movie are much stronger than in the first movie. Arnold, one of the terminators, helping the protagonists is a great plus, and Sarah Connor is much stronger than she used to be from all of her training. There is some humor from the recurring psychologist again with yet another witty one liner when Sarah goes nuts and attacks him, “Model citizen.” There is also humor when John Connor tries to teach Arnold the wonderful art of using witty one liners instead of saying affirmative all of the time and sounding like a tool. Considering Arnold has had some of the best movie quotes in movie history such as “You’re one ugly, mother f***er.”, “I’m the sheriff.”, “You should not drink and bake.” “Let off some steam, Bennet.” and “I’ll be back.” I don’t think John needs to tell him how to do this, but it is amusing none the less.

There is some good suspense when the terminator first goes after John because John does not know which one of the terminators is trying to kill him. He first runs away from Arnold and almost gets shot by the enemy terminator, but Arnold blocks the bullets with his own body just in time. There is also suspense when John is being chased in a retention ditch by the enemy terminator who is closing in on him with a truck. There is also suspense when Arnold and John go to save Sarah and the enemy terminator is waiting for them there.

The heroes in this movie are great. Arnold does a good job as the terminator. It is nice having a terminator work with the human protagonists for a change, so they are not nearly at as big of a disadvantage. Also, Sarah has become much stronger and might I say it hotter than she used to be. I love a woman who can kick ass and looks great doing it. She was actually one of only five characters ever to win an MTV movie award for most desirable female character. She actually started the category with her character, and the award would continue for four years afterwards but not last long. John is an interesting, rebellious kid and usually he is only being protected, but he has some strong morals and seems to be independent most of the time, too. They are also helped for a short time by somebody who works for Cyberdyne, but the partnership does not last long.

Despite having such great heroes, though, you have an almost unstoppable, invincible terminator who really puts them against the ropes. This terminator is not only tough, he can make himself look like other people, make weapons with his arms and recover from damage even better than Arnold because he is made out of liquid metal and will heal or rejuvenate itself pretty much any time it has been injured.

The music for this movie is great. The music is ominous for the background music and has some great synthesizer and horn instrument work. Also, there is a Guns and Roses song in this movie called You Could Be Mine that is heard when John is cruising around on his scooter moped. Guns and Roses was at its biggest when this movie came out during the early 1990s. This is actually the second metal song to appear in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie during the early 1990s and have a music video with footage from an Arnold movie in it. The other song and music group was Sunshine of Your Love, a cover of a hit song by Cream, performed by an African American heavy metal group called Living Colour.

Some of the settings such as the retention ditch and the guild made for a great chase and a great action scene. Settings were not really that unique or special but worked really well for the scenes in this movie.

This is my favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, and I think it is easy to see why with great action, great characters and a great song by Guns and Roses. I will be starting another top ten countdown list next week with another action hero, whose name is Bond, James Bond. Until the next time.