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Quantum of Solace was a really bad Bond movie. Most of the movie I don’t even remember. It just seemed to be a complete mess with a plot buried somewhere underneath a mountain of special effects and action.

However, I did like the theme song for Quantum of Solace. Pretty much any Bond movie no matter how bad it was had something redeem it. Even the terrible Never Say Never Again had its funny parts such as when Bond throws his urine in a guy’s face to blind him and it ends up killing the guy. To make up for it Sean Connery can probably grow crops with his other body secretions.

Quantum of Solace as far as I can tell is a rap rock song. There are not a lot good rap rock songs and groups out there. Rap and rock are usually two things that should not be mixed. However, I do like the rap rock group called Saliva a good deal, and this song is also good.