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Timothy Dalton is the Bond actor for this movie. I like Timothy Dalton because he was a gentleman with the women. While Sean Connery was telling his women to make him a sandwich, George Lazenby was crying over them, Roger Moore was making amusing facial expressions at them, Pierce Brosnan was using corny dialogue to woo them and Daniel Craig was trying to save them from flooded elevators, Timothy Dalton probably did the best with women by romping around with them on an adventure of some sort while taking them to amusement parks and concerts. Not to mention that he kicked some serious ass. Most of the first movie for Timothy Dalton was spent trying to get him to assassinate a government official who is stopping the villains from selling some weapons. However, once he has figured out what is going on he takes down most of the villains with the help of some Arabs on horse back in one fell swoop by having them blown up, shot and giving them the boot. In the second movie he is out for revenge and there doesn’t seem like anything can stop him from his vendetta, even his own boss who tries to tell him to chill. There are definitely more scenes of Timothy Dalton beating the crap out of a villain than there are of him finding time to sleep around with any woman that comes near him, and that’s what puts him as one of my favorite Bond actors.

The plot for this movie is actually pretty interesting and not your run of the mill, try to take over the world Bond villain plot. Some criminals are trying to sell weapons. However, there is a Russian government official, who is trying to stop them, so they try to trick Bond into killing the official. They do this by sending a guy to kill some of MI6’s agents during a training exercise and leaving a sign behind that it was an assassination conspiracy. They then have a man supposedly defected, who is soon brought back to Russia by an agent. While the man is in Britain’s custody he tells them about the assassination plot. Bond almost kills the government official, but instead they form a plan to trick the villains into thinking that Bond has killed the official so that Bond can bring them down.

The action in this movie is pretty good. The opening scene is great with Bond trying to hunt down and bring down a man who has killed a couple of MI6’s agents. Other scenes such as when a Russian agent recaptures the defector named Yogi, Bond escapes with the Bond girl named Kara Milovy and the final fight when many soldiers and a couple of the main villains are brought during a fight with some Arabs on horse back and Bond flying a plane are all well done. One of my favorite action scenes in this movie is actually the best fist fight in this movie when the Russian agent named Chronos and another agent at the house where Yogi is being kept get in a fight. The agent actually puts up a good fight against Chronos and lays quite a few blows on Chronos before Chronos manages to knock him over and knock him unconscious with a frying pan to the face. The action scene with the Arabs and the plane, though, is also very long with many different things going on such as the fight between the soldiers and the Arabs, Bond getting in a fight with Chronos that has them both fall out of the plane and cling onto a net to keep from falling to their deaths, Bond deactivating a bomb, Bond flying the plane over a mountain before they crash into it because apparently Kara can’t pay attention worth a damn, dropping a bomb on a bridge so that a tank chasing the Arabs crashes and blows up, and getting out of the plane before it crashes by using the jeep Kara drove into the plane with. All of these parts of the action scene make for one very good, very long action scene that lasts for like fifteen minutes or something.

The humor in this movie is when Bond and Kara try to escape from the Russians, but they have to go back for Kara’s cello. Bond asks why she didn’t learn how to play something smaller like the violin, so that it would fit into the car easier. However, the cello plays a key part in their escape later on. It’s actually pretty clever how they use the cello case like a sled.

The suspense in this movie is that Bond is being tricked into assassinating an innocent man. The government official has not done anything wrong. However, the villains almost manage to trick Bond into assassinating the government official. Later on Bond and Kara are both put into a prison. They are trapped in a prison in the middle of nowhere and you don’t know how they are going to escape until one of Bond’s gadgets and some Arabs save them.

The main ally in this movie for Bond is not Felix Leiter. Felix does make a small appearance in this movie, but it is mostly just to give Bond some information and help him break into the house of the American arms dealer at the end of the movie, so Bond can take down one of the last villains. The main ally for Bond in this movie is actually somebody you don’t think will be an ally of Bond’s Bond ends up teaming up with an Arab man who just randomly shows up in the prison. Bond helps the Arab escape, and together they take down the Russians. The Arab named Kamal Kahn proves to be a pretty good ally because he helps to save Bond when Bond runs out of bullets holding off the villains and take down the villains. He throws a grenade that kills the leader of the Russians who have been working with the villains.

The woman in this movie named Kara Milovy is very cute. While most women on my top ten list for Bond women are on there because I’m attracted to them Milovy is on there just because of how enchanting and cute she is to me. She’s the one Bond girl on my top ten list who instead of kicking some ass together and screwing around like I would want to do with the nine other women, I would instead just want to hug and cuddle with her. Aww… With her optimism, innocence and cuteness she’s like a puppy. However, she can also take care of herself, too. She knocks out one of the guards with a pail to the head when Bond and she make their escape from the prison. She takes down a couple of soldiers when she tries to reach Bond, who is in the plane. Chronos goes after her in a jeep with a mini gun, which I think is kind of over kill. It’s like hunting a scampering bunny rabbit with an assault rifle. Chill out, man.

The villains in this movie are great, too. One of them is an agent named Chronos who I guess has defected from the KGB and turned rogue. He puts up a great fight against an agent when he takes Yogi from the house. He also has a great fight with Bond on the plane and manages to kick Bond a couple of times before he makes the mistake of grabbing Bond’s shoe and getting the boot. Whittaker is great as the weapons’ dealer. He fights Bond with a machine gun with eighty bullets in it that shoot super fast and has some body armor on the top. Yogi is funny as the defector. He always seems to be playing slimy traitors in his most notable movies. Just ask Harrison Ford when he worked with him in the Fugitive. There’s also a Russian general who does not have much screen time and does not last long. He manages to shoot one of the Arabs during the big fight but doesn’t even manage to kill him and is quickly blown up by a hand grenade.

The theme song for this movie is great. It is typical 1980s pop rock with some horns thrown in. The 1980s had great music, and the theme song made for this movie, which came out in the mid 1980s, is no exception.

The settings for this movie are interesting. James Bond seems to move all over the place. First he is in Britain, then he goes to Russia, which is full of ice and snow, he goes to Vienna with Kara and then they both go to a completely different place from the frozen tundra of Russia, a hot desert in Arabia, one of the Arabian countries that borders the south of Russia. While the settings for this movie are not spectacular or places I really enjoy seeing, there are still a few different locations.

The big prop for Bond in this movie is his key ring, which is used multiple times for different purposes. He first uses it to knock some guards unconscious, and then he uses the key ring to blow up a statue, which brings down one of his enemies. He also has his trademark Bond car with some cool gadgets in it such as a laser that cuts out the bottom of a police car, some rocket launchers that he uses to blast his way through a truck, rocket thrusters that allow him to jump over some people in the car like the Dukes of Hazard and a self destruct button that sadly puts an end to the car but takes down some villains as well.

Due to having a good plot, good action, good Bond woman, good Bond song, good Bond villains, good Bond gadgets, good Bond car and one of my favorite Bond actors, this is a great Bond movie. Both of Timothy Dalton’s Bond movies were great in my opinion, and the only other one he made called License To Kill is much higher on the list than this one is, not to mention having an even better Bond girl. Damn. I can’t wait… Until the next time.