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Chickenfoot is a super group with a couple of members from Van Halen, the guitar legend named Joe Satriani and the drummer from Red Hot Chili Peppars named Chad West. They have made a couple of albums of generic but good hard rock so far. Their newest album came out when I was waiting for the new album by Van Halen spring of 2012.

Chickenfoot’s music is not that great. It’s good but kind of average as far as hard rock goes. However, it is the band members in the group that put Chickenfoot at number fourteen on my top twenty list. I love Van Halen, they are one of my favorite groups, so having a couple of members from Van Halen in the group brings up my fondness for the group a lot. Chickenfoot is like a watered down, second Van Halen. At one time I cherished Chickenfoot’s second album just as much as I cherished Van Halen’s newest album, and Van Halen hadn’t made any new music in fifteen years. They also have a great guitarist named Joe Satriani who I have rarely been into because he made instrumental music with his solo career, but he is good. Also, Chad West from the Red Hot Chili Peppars I don’t really care about, but one of my best friends is a fan of Red Hot Chili Peppars, so Chickenfoot is a group we can kind of connect on with our music tastes.