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Slash was the guitarist for Guns and Roses. However, after making several albums with Guns and Roses Slash left the group and went on to be the guitarist for Velvet Revolver, which made a couple of albums. Velvet Revolver also disbanded and Slash had his own solo career with Myles Kennedy as the vocalist. Why Slash is considered to have a solo career when there are other people who are clearly in the group, I do not know. However, it is safe to the say that Slash is now the front man for his group.

I really like Guns and Roses and Slash is one of my favorite guitarists. I like him more than other guitarists such as Eric Clapton and Jimmy Paige, even though Eric Clapton and Jimmy Paige were big influences for Slash and were probably better than he is. I just like Slash’s sound more. He really rocks and he keeps most of his songs short. Most songs he has made that are pretty long outside of Use Your Illusion are actually pretty interesting.

I have also been pleased with his solo career. I had the privilege to see him play live at Ribfest a few weeks ago, at the beginning of July, and I was impressed by how good he was on stage. It is clear to me that Slash does not need the other members from Guns and Roses to sound good, despite how much fans of Slash like to put him as a unit along with the other members of Guns and Roses who are not Axl Rose.

Slash already tried working with the other band members after Guns and Roses with Velvet Revolver, and Velvet Revolver made a couple of decent albums, but in the end they disbanded and I doubt that they will get back together again, no matter how much some people might want them to. I am O.K. with Slash sticking with his solo career, though, because I think that Myles Kennedy is a much better vocalist than Scott Weiland, and I don’t really care about the rhythm section that much.

Slash’s newest solo album with Myles Kennedy for the first time as the official lead vocalist blew me away with how good it was when I first got it. Slash’s solo career has led to better music with his two albums than Velvet Revolver ever did. Velvet Revolver was good, but most of their music blended together in my opinion. Slither was a good rocker by Velvet Revolver, but Slash’s solo career had many more good songs such as Ghost, Beautiful Dangerous, Watch This, Nothing To Say, Apocalyptic Love, Standing In the Sun, You’re a Liar, No More Heroes, Halo, Anastasia and Shots Fired. I hope that the newly formed Slash group makes some more good albums, and I might actually put them on the same level as Guns and Roses.