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My dad thought that I should watch the four hour long movie about Woodstock. I have watched the first half of it and am now writing about it on my blog, since Woodstock was one of the biggest music events ever and my blog was originally, primarily about music before I ran out of most of my music ideas and have moved to other things such as movies that I hope most of you are also interested in.

This movie is about Woodstock. I should probably first give you an over view of what Woodstock was about. I was not actually there of course, I’m way too young for that, but I have heard about it and read about it before. My parents were old enough to remember when it happened. Woodstock was a big concert with mostly blues rock groups at it. However, they also had folk rock groups at the event. Music groups such as Janis Joplin, i’m not a big fan of her, Mountain, an under appreciated group I was interested in a couple of years ago, Jimi Hendrix, considered by many people to be one of the best guitarists of all time, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby, Stills and Nash and many other music groups performed at the event. There were interesting hurdles that the concert had to over come. it lasted for three days and during that time a storm occurred that put the concert on a delay. There was also a lot of debauchery at the event such as people doing drugs, people not wearing any clothes and people having sex out in the open where people could see them. Some people were even video taped at one point, and it is in the biography. Why it is in there and why it was filmed, I have no idea.

There is some suspense when people have to put up with the storm. There is such a big crowd for the concert that people had difficulty leaving during the storm, and some people weathered it out while taking cover under blankets and tarps. Fortunately, a helicopter delivered dry clothes and flowers to people from the sky, although i doubt there was enough for everybody. Some people were very upset when the stormed occurred. You can hear that some people are crying, and some other people are either complaining or coming up with weird conspiracies about who was responsible for the storms. Other people enjoyed the storm, played in the mud and danced in the rain.

There were some pretty big groups in here. It was good to hear from Crosby, Stills and Nash. However, I don’t think I have heard from Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane or Mountain yet. There were some other good groups, too, who I did not recognize. They had a good couple of groups to start the concert. There was an African American guy who played acoustic guitar and was really good. The second guy who played blues rock was good, too. Somebody went on stage when he was playing and the music performer handled it well. Some bouncers were going to take the guy off the stage, but the music performer allowed the guy to stay on stage with him. The guy raided the music performer’s pockets, but the music performer gave him a light in good spirits.

The women at Woodstock were pretty attractive. Some of them are acting screwy by picking flowers. Some of them are not very discrete by having sex in public and not wearing much clothing. However, if you are in to watching that sort of thing help yourself. There were some good female music performers, too. I saw at least one woman sing on stage. She had a decent voice.

The music of course is the high light of the biography. You get to see many music performers on stage performing some great music. However, I feel that the best music is still to come. So far the music performers have given us a great variety of blues rock with some good guitar work and folk rock with some good vocals.

The setting for this movie is interesting. It all takes place in one place because it is a concert, but I am impressed by how much farmland they managed to get for the concert. There are supposedly around two hundred thousand people at the concert, but there is still room for all of them. This concert also cost the people who hosted it a lot of money. They eventually let people come to the concert for free because they are sneaking over the fence, so they decide to get rid of the fence. Mountain made a song that was dedicated to the people who hosted the event on their farm called For Yasgur’s Farm. I’m not sure who Yasgur is, but I think we would all like to thank them for the use of their farmland. If it were not for Yasgur, we would not have had one of the most historic concerts in rock and roll history.