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Daniel Craig is the Bond actor for Skyfall. This is the newest James Bond movie that came out last November. I had the privilege to see it in movie theaters with a good friend of mine while I was in college.

The plot is about how James Bond tries to bring down an agent who has stolen a list. However, during the fight on top of a train James Bond is accidentally shot by another agent. He falls off the train, which is on a bridge, but survives. Also, somebody is trying to bring down MI6 with a bomb that goes off at their head quarters. They are forced to move to another location. Now a recovering James Bond and M together must take down somebody from M’s past who is trying to have their revenge on her.

The action is somewhat scarce for a Bond movie. This movie is much more down to earth than the previous Bond movie called Quantum of Solace. However, this allows for Skyfall to have much more character development and plot development. There are some good action scenes in this movie such as when Bond fights an assassin at the top of a building. There is an interesting effect where all you can see is the sillouhett of the two people fighting. It looks cool, but makes it difficult to tell which person is which. James Bond fights three people in a casino who are holding a woman captive. It was nice to see Bond try to save a woman from human trafficking. Human trafficking seems to be a big issue right now that a lot of good people are trying to combat. Unfortunately, the woman eventually dies. James Bond takes down the boss villain’s men and the boss villain is captured, but he is not done yet. The boss villain escapes with some tricks that the Joker might pull in a Batman movie, and James Bond has his final confrontation with the boss villain at his old where he grew up as a youngster.

The humor in this movie mostly revolves around a dog that M keeps on her desk. James Bond dislikes the object. However, the object survives the explosion at their head quarters and James Bond eventually comes into possession of the dog.

There is a good deal of suspense when the villains come to get Bond and M who are at James Bond’s house out in the country. They do not have any back up except for a groundskeeper with a shotgun or a whole lot of weapons and tools to fight the villains with. Also, they are isolated in the middle of the country with not much where else to go. However, James Bond and M are ready to face their adversaries and die if they need to take down the villains and make sure that the villains do not kill any more people. M and the groundskeeper are eventually chased away from the house, and James Bond needs to stop the villains before it is too late.

James Bond’s main allies in this movie are M and the groundskeeper. Q also makes an appearance as a much younger version of himself who gives James Bond a hand gun and a radio. James Bond is definitely using the basic tools in this movie. M is much more of a thinker than a fighter, but she does manage to blow up a couple of villains with explosives and some nails. The groundskeeper apparently taught James Bond how to shoot and is pretty good with a shotgun.

One of the women in this movie is a prostitute who is forced to work in the sex trade business. James Bond tries to free her, but she ends up as one of the many women James Bond has known who dies. There is also an agent who works off and on with Bond in this movie. She is the one who is responsible for accidentally shooting Bond. However, she manages to save him later on by knocking out a villain who is about to shoot James Bond on a small bridge. We find out her surprise identity at the end of the movie. This movie has a couple of interesting character twists that I will not want to ruin for you.

The villain in this movie is probably one of the weak points. Quite frankly I found him kind of pathetic. He is complaining about how tired he is, his teeth are missing and he’s probably homosexual for Bond. Not a very threatening villain if you ask me. He has a revenge vendetta with M, who according to him apparently betrayed him.

The theme song for this movie is well sung by Adele, but it is not one of my favorite James Bond theme songs. Most of the James Bond theme songs I like the most are upbeat rockers such as Living Daylights and Quantum of Solace with the occasional exception such as You Only Live Twice.

The settings for this movie are kind of interesting. There is an interesting abandoned city out in the water that they briefly visit. Apparently, this is the boss villain’s original head quarters. The most interesting location, though, is when they go to James Bond’s house. Never before have we actually seen James Bond’s house. However, to see where James Bond first lived as a kid is very interesting to me. There is not much there when they go to visit it. Most of the stuff at the house is being sold or wrapped up in plastic. However, we do see the graves of James Bond’s parents, who we learn in another James Bond movie were apparently killed in a climbing accident. We also get to see a childhood mentor of James Bond’s, the groundskeeper.

There are not a lot of props in this movie. However, this movie does focus on the most important gadgets for James Bond in this movie. James Bond uses his signature gun quite a lot,  has a radio to communicate with and uses one of his classic cars, the used in Goldfinger with the machine guns mounted in the front and an ejector seat. At one point when James Bond is taking himself and M to his house in the car, M is complaining and James Bond threatens to eject M to which M says she does not care. I thought that was a funny scene with some good banter between Bond and M. james Bond also gets some good usage out of the machine guns mounted on the car.

This movie is a great return to form for James Bond. It really rejuvenates the series. After the terrible, over the top, confusing Quantum of Solace, which I consider one of the worst Bond movies, it brings the James Bond series down to earth again, which I have seen in some other Bond movies such as the Timothy Dalton Bond movies, Living Daylights and License To Kill, and For Your Eyes Only. I generally really like the down to earth Bond movies such as these. All four of the Bond movies I just mentioned are in my top ten list. My parents have both really liked the movie. My friend who I went to see the movie with really liked it. Both my parents and friend are quite the movie critics. They probably judge most movies more harshly than I do, since I am kind of open minded and will try to look for some kind of redeeming value in pretty much any movie if it can be found somewhere, so I am impressed that the movie went over so well with all three people.

Also, it was very difficult for me to find this movie available. Many libraries have multiple copies of this movie, but they were all checked out. I went to four different places before i finally relented and paid the dollar to get it from Redbox. The gas definitely cost more than the price for the movie. However, this shows that even half a year after it came out, Skyfall is still a popular movie with many people, and if you watch this movie you will probably understand why.