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Black Label Society is a death metal group with Zakk Wylde on guitar. Zakk Wylde was the third guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. He made several albums with Ozzy Osbourne such as the classic No More Tears and No Rest For the Wicked, until he went off and had his own group.

There are not a lot of different dimensions to Black Label Society. Basically, it is a music groups with dark lyrics and a lot of guitar shredding. There really is not much more to them than that. Most of their songs kind of sound the same. However, Zakk Wylde is probably my favorite guitarist of the last ten years. He is great at guitar shredding. Also, the dark lyrics sometimes suit my mood when I am in a dark or angsty mood and not even Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career is good enough to quench my thirst for dark, guitar shredding music. Excellent… >:)