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This is the only acting role for George Lazenby as James Bond. Since George Lazenby was only in one James Bond movie, and that James Bond movie was much different from the other ones, it is the only James Bond movie to have a tragic ending so far, George Lazenby is usually disregarded by fans as being one of the weaker Bond actors. I really don’t think we have had a bad Bond actor yet, though, so ruling out George Lazenby as a weaker Bond I think is a mistake. George Lazenby added an emotional depth to James Bond that might not be appreciated everybody, but shows that he could bring more to the character of James Bond. Also, the way he acts at the end of the movie could not have been done by most of the other Bonds. I would have a hard time imagining Sean Connery or Roger Moore crying over their dead wife and giving that scene as much drama as George Lazenby did. This is probably the only Bond movie that comes close to making me cry. Not to mention the fact that the woman who plays Tracy was one of the Charlie’s Angels during the 1960s, a popular TV show for its time. What a downer of an ending to have. The death of Bond’s wife is probably one of the five most influential Bond moments of all time, but it would not have been as impactful if were not for the acting abilities of George Lazenby that can not be disregarded. For once in the entire movie series we see Bond at his wit’s end, and we believe it.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is about James Bond who is hired by a criminal to improve his daughter. During the first hour of the movie James Bond has a relationship with the woman named Tracy. However, the movie finally picks up an hour into it when James Bond finds out where Blofeld is and goes to Blofeld’s base on top of a mountain. He is knocked unconscious and captured but escapes and is helped by Tracy to escape the villains. However, they are eventually captured when Blofeld causes an avalanche on the side of a mountain the knocks them unconscious. Now James Bond has to save his greatest love and take down his greatest enemy at the same time with an exciting assault on Blofeld’s mountain fortress. There is a lot going on in this movie. You get Bond’s relationship with Tracy, who he will go on to marry, and you get the usual villain plot with James Bond taking on his greatest enemy ever, Blofeld. I think Blofeld in this movie was actually played by an actor who would go on to voice another criminal who tries to take over the world named Lex Luthor in the animated Justice League series, which is something else that i will be reviewing. I will be covering a lot of different areas with my blog, but I will also be keeping the music alive with regular music reviews, so those of you who started following my blog for the music that is advertised on my business cards will not be disappointed hopefully.

The action in this movie starts out kind of sparse. James Bond takes on a couple of enemies during the opening scene when he tries to save Tracy from drowning herself. He then fights a big guy in Tracy’s hotel room. He does not actually fight any villains, because the people he fights at the beginning of the movie work for the mob boss, until an hour and a half into the movie when he tries to escape Blofeld’s fortress. He is helped by Tracy with her car and we get a great long chase scene that includes a fight on the side of the a cliff, a fight in a store full of pans, Tracy cruising around on a race track and Bond and Tracy finally being taken down by a land slide. James Bond makes the mistake of having them go towards the trees. During a snowy avalanche that is actually usually the worst place to go because you can be easily squashed between a tree and the heavy snow avalanche. Where as if you are in the open you do have the chance of being pushed by the avalanche down the mountain until it subsides.

There is some humor in this movie such as when Bond scrunches up his hat and throws it to Moneypenny. Q complains that James Bond never did have much respect for government property, which I thought was funny.

The suspense in this movie is when Bond and Tracy are being chased down the large mountain. The music adds a great effect, the skiing is great and the final part of the scene when an avalanche occurs causes even more suspense.

James Bond is assisted in this movie by a mob boss and Tracy’s father. When James Bond is unable to get the government to help him take down Blofeld and save Tracy, the mob boss pulls through for Bond by going with Bond to the fortress, taking down the fortress with his men and helping to save Tracy.

The Bond woman in this movie need I even say it is one of the best, most influential Bond women there ever was. She is very traditionally attractive, her spunky personality is great for keeping James Bond alert and she really pulls through for Bond by saving him with her car, driving really well on a race track and fighting a couple of villains during the final fight. She has a good sense of humor and is completely loyal to Bond. No wonder Bond wanted to marry her, the only woman ever that Bond considered marrying, because she is great.

The villain in this movie is the classic Blofeld. His plan this time is to take over the world by threatening to release a toxin that will kill off everybody’s food with their vegetables and animals. It’s kind of ironic because Blofeld’s plan to stop life is the opposite of what James Bond and Tracy want to do by having a life together. There is a more nefarious villain in this movie, though, named Irma Bunt, who does probably the most damage to Bond ever. Most villains have tried to do damage to Bond physically and some of them such as Jaws have succeeded to hurt Bond, but Irma Bunt managed to hurt Bond more than any other villain ever has, emotionally, by targeting somebody who was close to Bond. She is also one of the few villains who as far as we know “never” gets their come uppance. Maybe she’ll show up again in the very last Bond movie as a final confrontation.

The theme song for this movie is great. Not only does it make for a great opening theme song with clips from previous James Bond movies, which are nice to see, but it also makes for some great background music when Bond is skiing down the slopes.

The setting for Blofeld’s base on the mountain makes for some great skiing scenes and makes for a great final fight when James Bond and the other people take down his base. It’s a barren, isolated area, but it works for the movie scenes.

james Bond really does not get any gadgets in this movie. It’s one of the more down to earth Bond movies. james Bond doesn’t even get a nice car in this movie. He does use a device to open a safe, but that’s about it.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service along with License To Kill is one of the most dramatic James Bond movies with one of the best plots, a plot that isn’t just focused around action, and it’s one of my favorite Bond movies.