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Man With the Golden Gun was a weak Bond movie despite having Christopher Lee as the man with the golden gun in it. Christopher Lee was pretty bad ass in the movie, though, which comes as no surprise since he has played some of the greatest villains such as Sarumon, Dracula, Count Dookoo and Scaramanga.

He might be my personal favorite villain actor of all time. With his deep, commanding voice, gentlemanlike charisma, eyes that could pierce your soul and one of the best abilities with guns ever, the man with the golden gun portrayed by Christopher Lee is one of my favorite Bond villains, and this theme song while a little silly and over the top, particularly the part when Lulu sings about the lovey dovey part which I just found inane, still manages to be one of the best themes of a character I have ever heard. The guitar and horns are both great for this song.