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Bad Company was a hard rock group during the 1970s that made six great albums with Paul Rodgers on vocals until Paul Rodgers left the group to work with Jimmy Paige in an obscure group called The Firm and Bad Company sank into obscurity during the 1980s and 1990s without their great vocalist.

There are a lot of reasons to like Bad Company. First off they have a great vocalist named Paul Rodgers. His voice is a large part of what makes this group so great. However, they focus on a couple of genres that I really like, too, such as blues rock and hard rock. When Bad Company plays blues rock it has a lot of feeling with songs like Ready For Love and when Bad Company plays hard rock it has a lot of entertainment like Can’t Get Enough of Your Love. The guitarist for Bad Company named Mick Ralphs is actually the guitarist I most want to play like. He plays guitar simply but also effectively while covering blues rock and hard rock guitar riffs and he has played some great guitar solos such as the solos for Moving On and Can’t Get Enough of Your Love. Finally, the song writing for Bad Company is great. They have made songs about rock and roll such as Rock and Roll Fantasy and Live For the Music, love songs such as Feel Like Making Love and Can’t Get Enough of Your Love and great ballads such as Shooting Star.

They changed their style with certain albums, too. Their first album was hard rock, their third album called Running With the Pack was a much more toned down, natural, countryish feel, their fourth album called Burning Sky was borderline psychedelic and their sixth album called Rough Diamonds, which most people didn’t like but I liked it, had a 1980s pop metal feel. They tried many different styles in the hard rock and blues rock category and with great vocals, guitar work and song writing most of the time they succeeded at anything they tried. Now that I have started playing guitar Mick Ralphs has inspired me the most to be the next Shooting Star and to Live For the Music.